Happy while catching ''FISH'' in the FLOOD

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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at the dream of Althea about the flood.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that I was in front of our house. Then it rained, so the water got bigger and bigger. It was already flooded, so I rushed into our house, but the flood still reached our house. I went up to the top of the house, then I watched the water gradually grow clear and as it grew, I saw more fish and I caught fish. I was happy for that moment until I woke up. What does my dream mean?

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Remember the Basic Rule in interpreting dreams, "water is related to emotions or feelings" so when you dream of water, automatically, it is a picture of the current state of your "feelings or your emotions."

"When it is clear, it is a sign of happy emotions or feelings, while when the water is cloudy, it is a sign of turbulent feelings or emotions."

So when someone asks who is in love and dreams of water, and he says "the water he dreamed of was cloudy" it is a sign that "his current feelings or the current relationship he entered into are cloudy or problematic".

On the contrary, when the water is clear, that means, "his feelings are happy and very satisfied at the moment" in terms of love or in terms of relationship or in any other emotional or emotional aspect, because the water is clear , as already said, it means "the person who dreamed of water is happy and satisfied at present."

Meanwhile, let's go back to Althea's dream about the flood.

In the old or traditional interpretation, a flood in a dream has a somewhat negative meaning, unless you are a "seafaring persons", meaning you are a seaman or your profession is related to the sea and belong to "seafaring persons" ”. In modern times, since the airplane was invented, "OFWs" or our compatriots travel and work in different parts of the world. If this is your profession or job, the meaning of a flood in your dream according to the ancient book Zadkiel's Dream Book, "to dream a floods is a favorable dream, denoting successful trade and safe voyage."

Meanwhile, if you are just an ordinary person or you are not a "sailor", according to the book we are quoting, this is the meaning of a flood dream: "to ordinary persons flood denotes bad, health, law-suits terminating unfavourably; also very malignant enemies, proving injurious. If your are a lover, your rival will like a flood, sweep away from your embrace the object of your affections.”

But since the water that you dreamed about was clear, Althea, and you said that you were "happy in your dream and you are still catching fish", in fact your dream even if it was a "flood" is not correct. adapt the traditional meaning, instead, as we have already explained above, "the clear flood water will prevail over you which tells of a happy and prized fish, which fish also represents " lover, either boyfriend or lover”. But if you already have a boyfriend or lover, fish especially small fish are also related to "offspring or child or baby" that can be added to your family in the next few days especially if you "caught a fish" in your dream.

Meanwhile, in the modern sense or psychological interpretation, the flood in the dream says "release of emotion from the unconscious". It means that in the next few days, your feelings will fade, which may because the water is clear, may bring you a strange joy.

But if the water is cloudy, it means "release of emotion from the unconscious" of sad or feelings related to family problems or problems related to relationships, in which case, you are looking for someone to talk to your loved ones. carrying heavy feelings or heavy problems at present.

In addition, it is also said that if you are already married, the dream of a flood indicates that you will become pregnant and since your dream of a flood includes small fish that you catch, this is a clear sign that the one you will conceive is a baby who will be energetic, healthy, intelligent and will bring many honors to your family, as the said child grows, which you may conceive at present, while you continue to dream of "clear water in the flood, at the same time you catch of fishes.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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