I dreamed that I was there inside the Church. Then I saw Jesus

 Now let's look at Cherry's dream about the Church, Jesus and the Bible.

I dreamed that I was there inside the Church. Then I saw Jesus riding on a cloud, dressed in white. He landed outside the Church. Then he entered inside the Church, he handed me a brown bible, then he left. What does this mean?


In the Old or Traditional interpretation, where, because in the Church we usually approach or tell God our requests, deep inside and problems, the Church is a symbol of the "healing process". That means, whatever your current problem is, it will gradually be solved or disappear.
The best thing about your dream, Cherry, is that Jesus came, which, we all know that Jesus is powerful and to Catholics, Jesus is also God's son, which only means that in the near future, as if -all your problems will be miraculously solved with the help of God's power itself.
The "book" in the dream

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indicates "wisdom and understanding". But, since the book you dreamed of was not an ordinary book but the Bible itself or the Bible, this indicates that in understanding your faith, whatever religion you belong to, you have a "mission to fulfill" that is also being asked of you by Jesus in your dreams.
The Bible may also appear in your dream, which also contains the entire doctrine of Christendom, because your unconscious self tells you that "to do piety or goodness to your neighbor and to follow the religion you have changed as it has been said before , your current problems will be solved spontaneously. And maybe by being "devoted to Jesus and the Good News" there you will find peace of mind and pure happiness." 
And as it was said above, it could also be that "when Jesus appeared to you in a dream and handed you the Bible, it is an invitation to your life to serve God or the religion you belong to." And it can also be an invitation to help the poor or to announce the Good News of salvation that Jesus promises to every creature.

Meanwhile, in the modern Interpretation, or in the psychology sense, the Church "represents a man" so whatever you are asking for or having problems with today, "through a man" will miraculously solve your problems.

While "Bible" means "divine authority", which means, through God's blessing and blessing, as already said, your problems will be solved or your prayers and requests will be fulfilled voluntarily. to God.
Jesus is the "culmination of our Christian faith", where, from his birth, it is Christmas; until his death, this is the Holy Day, we commemorate it, because in the deep essence, the life of Jesus himself is also the patron of the life of every Christian in the world.

That's why when Jesus appeared in your dream, it is a sign or a reminder, that regardless of the serious problems and problems you currently have, you should not be worried, you should not be afraid or you should not be nervous, because the "rescue" or the " resurrection" is sure to come in your life.
And as it has been said that this deliverance also represents the "miraculous resolution of your problems, no matter how heavy they may be."

Meanwhile in your dream, another question you can ask is why is Jesus riding on a white cloud?
So, Jesus is riding on a white cloud in your dream because of the fast events that will take place.
Whatever the problem and what you ask for in life, God will give it to you immediately. Just like "Jesus came to the Church riding on a cloud and handed you the Bible" which really means in a "flash of light" as long as you live for now with good behavior and following the commandments of Jesus, it's like a miracle, all your problems will be solved no matter how serious and simultaneous, all the graces and blessings you pray for while you are in the Church will be granted to you willingly and immediately.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

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