in my Dream I was picking roses in a garden that was very beautiful and very fragrant

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Sheila's dream about picking rose flowers in the garden.

I keep dreaming about it, three nights in a row now. He said that I was picking a rose in a garden that was very beautiful and fragrant. I was the only one, then there were many bees and butterflies flying around me. What does this mean?

If you match your dream with the "scenery in a painting" you will notice that your dream seems to be in "a romantic place that was actually nature, very sweet, relaxing and beautiful!"
This means, it happens that the bee, the garden, the flowers, as well as the butterflies in the dream have almost the same meaning, "luck and good fortune for you are indicated that will happen in the next few days .”
According to the traditional or old-fashioned meaning of the  garden, it is said to be very lucky and blessed when you dream of it.

For merchants or businessmen, the garden is a sign of business growth and livelihood not just double, but double-double or even ten-fold.
For travelers, OFWs or sailors, a garden is a sign of a fruitful and happy journey. No matter where, no matter what country you are destined for, your livelihood will definitely improve.

For ordinary employees and employees, the garden indicates extra income or salary. And maybe because it's Christmas today, Boss will suddenly increase your 13th month pay and bonus more than you expected.
For students, the garden means that in the coming days you will receive honor and high marks.
And for lovers, the garden means a happy, romantic, extraordinary and lifelong relationship. 
Meanwhile,  rose flowers in the traditional or old-fashioned sense portend prosperity, happiness and long life.

It is said that when a woman dreams of roses, it is a sign that she will marry a man who is smart, gentlemanly, capable of life or rich. A man who recognizes and says something in society that once you get married you will be lucky and be rich and happy forever.
Meanwhile, in the financial aspect, it is also said that when you dream of roses, it is a sure sign of economic growth in the near future.
In the modern and psychological interpretation, the garden indicates "fertility and creative ideas".
This means, that's why you dreamed of a garden or orchard, currently your unconscious self is informing your mind that it is constructing a productive plan or strategy that when you implement it, its destination will be great development and advancement of your personality. and your livelihood.

If you are a teenager, the garden is also a picture of yourself. It is said that if you dreamed of a garden, it is you yourself - symbolizing that currently "you are gradually growing and becoming young, bubbling up and becoming more beautiful, that in the next few days you may be picked or you may have a boyfriend until you can finally husband."
The garden is also a sign of the "blooming state of mind and physical body". That means, you don't just get prettier when you're a teenager, but you get smarter and you become aware of what's going on in your environment.
Meanwhile, roses or rose flowers in the modern and psychological interpretation are also the image of your personality. According to psychologist Carl Jung, the rose is: "a symbol of the self", to which, he added: "is similar to the Holy Grail quest to the search for paradise and wholeness"

That's why Sheila, if we match the interpretations presented above, your dream 
"I was picking roses in a garden that was very beautiful and very fragrant" 
Indicates that currently, apart from the fact that your personality is maturing, the your mentality and your beauty, the near future will come, "you too will reap a lot of luck and good fortune".
This scene in your dream proves that "you will reap good luck and good fortunes are many and abundant in the days to come": "then many bees and butterflies will fly around me," This also indicates not only in material things you will be lucky, such as in career and financial aspects, but in the near future if you are still a young woman, "you will also be lucky in marriage, your relationship will be very romantic and your family will be even –for a lifetime that will be abundant and happy.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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