Let's look at Dream about her younger ''BROTHER'' and Playing in the snow.

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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Catherine's dream about her younger brother and snow.

Dear Yod HVH,

My younger brother, who is five years old, is inside. Then it was early in the morning, we were looking out the window, we saw outside, the snow was falling slowly. In the beginning, little by little, then more and more, until it increased more and more. We were very happy, so, we hurried out of the house and played with snowballs until snow filled the surroundings, the roof of our house, the trees and our yard. Then I woke up as if my dream was real.


In the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, when you dream of a brother, especially a Younger than you, it is a sign of imminent happiness.

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It happened, because young siblings bring joy to the family, especially if they are babies and toddlers. This is also a sign that you dreamed about him, because you love your brother very much or he loves you very much. It seems that "you are concerned about him" and "he is also very concerned about you."
When you dream of your brother who is younger than you, it means that there are situations or events in your life that you can help your family or the society you live in or your friends. Apparently, you will be an "instrument" of fate or destiny, to help your family member or the unfortunate or those who need help. 

  • For lovers, the dream that you are with your younger brother is a sign of a happy date with your lover in the near future.

Meanwhile, in the modern sense or psychological interpretation, the brother is a sign that "that personality or aspect or main characteristic of your younger brother that you "want to incorporate into your own" is why you have conquered him."
For example, your brother who is younger than you is happy, that's why you dreamed about him, "because you unconsciously want to be like that too - young, without problems and happy”, so he appeared in your dream. Or else' like your younger brother, "you want to play more like he did and you may also want to be loved and cared for by someone, like your younger brother."

Apparently, "you're looking for attention and care" so your unconscious self hides in "the picture of your younger brother, cute, funny, soft and delicious, carry, hug and take care of."

Meanwhile, the "snow in the dream" in the old or traditional interpretation says "despite the many people who slander and intrigue you, they can't do anything, because you will maintain your clean personality, unblemished personality and have a good will.”

Meanwhile in the modern meaning or psychological interpretation it is said that the interpretation depends on the "feeling or emotion" of the dreamer while the dreamer is in "snow". If the feeling or emotion is a little sad, it is a sign if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or even for a married couple, "snow is a sign of the cooling of the relationship, until it completely melts".

But if the "feeling while in the snow" is happy like your dream, Catherine, that "it snows, one by one, until it gets stronger and more and you and your brother go out to play and you play happily in the snow ” this is a sign that you currently have "a fresh and very cool perspective in life, which is also a sign that whatever your current disposition or whatever you are busy with, working on and pursuing your career, it will definitely end and you can do it easily, smoothly and easily."

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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