One of the luckiest dreams is the one who cooks

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HINT: "the cook is related to the chemist or to the alchemist and therefore, to change or to transformation or creativity." See Full case Study

Now let's look at Rosemarie's dream about the cook.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that my mommy was cooking with me. Right now I'm in Dubai. What does it mean that my mommy and I cook so many different kinds of dishes, I don't know what kind of feast it is as long as we are just cooking?


If you have a very lucky dream, one of the luckiest dreams is the one who cooks, especially if what you cook is delicious and looks like a really big feast.

In the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, cooking in a dream portends a happy party. It can also be a party that the host and his guests really enjoy. And the said occasion could also be a wedding, specifically the wedding of a friend or the wedding of a close relative or an acquaintance.
In addition to this because "cooking" and "in this cooking" you may also be the one who "shopped for the ingredients to be cooked" this is also a sign that all the abundance related to taste and material life, is not only available to you but the whole family will also have many and various useful material and blessings in the near future.

Meanwhile, in the modern interpretation, or in the psychological sense, it is said that because you "cook" it means that you have all the freedom and right to "buy whatever you want to eat deliciously", which also represents that because you are a "cook or cook" you are the only one who can buy "any pleasure in this life that you should do that will make your present life happy and enjoyable." 
It means that when "cooking in a dream, your unconscious self shows all the things that make our life better in this world that you may have in the next few days." These are the ingredients of happiness that you hold because you are the cook. Not only can you have or perceive the said ingredients of happiness in this life, but as already said, you have the right to refuse or take or allow to happen to you the delicious things that fate will grant you in the next one. days.

In addition to this, it is not only "yourself that you will choose what will be delicious for you" but because you are the "cook" you will also choose for others what will make them happy and what will make their lives better.
And what makes the dream of cooking even more beautiful, it is also said: "the cook is related to the chemist or to the alchemist and therefore, to change or to transformation or creativity." That means, not only in "all the tastes and flavors of life" can you set and care in these times, but you can also say whether "will the existence of gold from the common metal" occur, which means having extraordinary prosperity and wealth.

And because of your dream, Rosemarie, "it is said that you and your Mommy or your Mother cook so many different kinds of dishes", meaning in the near future when you "go for-good" from another country or from Dubai, indeed at that time the meaning of your dream cooking will come true, "a lot of success, pleasure and blessings will surely pour, not only on you, but on your siblings, your parents and your entire family and entire clan.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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