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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at James' dream about three fat cows.
Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of three fat cows, who suddenly entered my room while I was sleeping. I heard someone walking, when I opened my eyes, there were three fat cows. But, they are not mad at me. I push them away, but they don't want to leave. I hope you can answer the meaning of my dream. Thank you very much.


the cow indicates diligence and "hard working animal". your dream of "three fat cows" indicates "that through effort and hard work, three years from now you will be very rich and prosperous!"
Meanwhile, don't forget to pay attention, your dream is similar to the Pharaoh's dream that can be read in the Bible.

This is what the Pharaoh dreamed:
 The Pharaoh said, "I am standing on the banks of the Nile River. Seven beautiful and fat cows came up from the river and grazed. There were seven skinny cows, the ugliest I've seen in all of Egypt, also came up to the river. The thin ones ate the fat cows, but nothing seemed to happen. After eating the fat ones, that's still the order of the thin ones, still very ugly, and I woke up.
The only difference between your dream, James, and Pharaoh's dream is that Pharaoh's was "seven fat cows and seven thin cows" while your dream was only "three fat cows".
If you are interested in reading the Bible, you can read the whole story of Pharaoh's dream in Genesis 40:9-32.

The meaning of Pharaoh's dream, according to Joseph's interpretation, "seven years of plenty and seven years of famine will be experienced throughout Egypt."
That's why if your dream is based on a biblical interpretation, there is no doubt that when you dream of "fat cows" it means "abundance". 
While if the number of cows is three, it means "three years from now, your life will definitely continue to be abundant, especially in terms of money and material things."
Meanwhile, in the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, if you are single, or a young man or a young woman, cows in a dream mean "great prosperity and success in your engagement".
That means, you will be lucky in marriage, you will be able to marry someone rich and recognized in the society you live in. When you marry said woman or said man, you too will have honor, and recognition from society. 
Apparently, in your marriage, you will be lucky, you will be admired and people will really talk about how you happened to marry a very rich man or a very rich woman.
In the modern or psychological interpretation, the cow is a symbol of "fertility, sexual reproduction, and masculine energy". That is, the cow in the dream shows your vitality, being strong or that you are at the "peak of your life" at the moment and that you are very elegant, especially in the sexual aspect.
That's why you dreamed of fat cows. It's not just that "your life is at its peak" it can also be your current financial situation, just like "fat cows" means "fat and your pocket is also rich."

Meanwhile, apart from the said symbolism, the cow also indicates "stubbornness, bullheaded and clumsiness" which means negative aspects of your personality or yourself that floated in your dream.
But, the said meanings may not be appropriate in your dream, because in your dream "it's quiet, kind and you drive away the cows but they don't want to leave." Which means "reconcile the three cows you dreamed about, and because of this, it means you also reconcile three aspects of your inner self" - the mental self, emotional self and social self.
In addition, in mythology, the cow, especially the male cow, specifically the "ox and bull", is also a manifestation of the "gods".

Like the god Anu, the Sumerian father of all gods; Zeus, the supreme patriarch of Mount Olympus, Mars, the Roman war god. In the country of Egypt, the cow god is called Apis, fertility god; Seprapis a god of healing; and Min, the male moon god.
In Astrology the "bull or the cow" also represents the zodiac sign Taurus, this is the period from April 21st to May 21st.

So if we go back to your dream James, according to the interpretations mentioned above, the "three fat cows in your dream" clearly indicate, that is, "your career and your livelihood will continue to grow and prosper for three years in a row.”
And it is also possible that the three fat cows mean that three years from now, you will be able to marry a rich and famous woman, that the woman you will marry may be born under the zodiac sign Taurus and you are scheduled to marry in the year 2019 (the 2019 is 20+19=39/ 3+9=12/ 1+2=3) with a total of 3 (the year 2019), at your age of 30 or 33, as already mentioned, said marriage is will lead to a happy, prosperous, luxurious and very rich family.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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