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Dear Yod HVH,

In my dream, I said I was picking vegetables, then a bee came, I said I was plucking it with my hand. Then it became two, then three until it increased more and more. I was about to run because I was afraid I might get bitten, but I woke up. What does my dream mean?


If you pick vegetables, the place of your dream may be in a garden or in a field with vegetable crops, if this is the case, there is no doubt that it indicates "harvest, which promises abundance materially in the next few days.”

Meanwhile, in the old or traditional sense the bee in a dream is generally a sign of good fortune.

That's why no matter what your career is or what you're busy with right now, it will surely succeed and you will reap not only money, but joy and happiness.

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  • If you're poor or don't have much money, the bee is a sign that in the next few days you'll make a lot of money.
  • If you are currently rich and you dreamed of a bee, this is a sign that you will become even richer and you will receive recognition and honors from the society you live in.
  • For young men and women, a bee in a dream is a sign of a happy and prosperous marriage that will also leave a happy and lifelong family.
  • If you are an ordinary worker or an office worker, the bee in your dream is a sign of extra money or a sudden salary increase from your boss who will be kind this Christmas.
  • For students, a bee in a dream is a sign of high grades and recognition. Since the bee makes honey bee, this is also a sign of an exciting "puppy love situation", where, your crush may already notice you and maybe because you care "you will develop an exciting relationship in the next days.”

And for the elderly or senior citizens, the bee in the dream indicates a long and productive old age.
Meanwhile, in the modern sense or psychological interpretation because the bee like the ant lives with the "colony or community" as it were, they are always a group and cannot be alone, the meaning of the bee in a dream is also like an ant , wasps and other insects indicate that currently "your unconscious self desires or wants to participate in projects or activities related to society." Ideally, you want to get noticed in your community and be recognized for your skills and abilities.

It is also said because there is a saying in the English language "busy as a bee", the dream of a bee is also a sign "currently, the moment you become "busy or preoccupied with anything to be concerned about, following this is a great luck and good fortune. ”

In addition, since the job of the bee is to collect nectar or honey from plants and they collect the sweet honey, the dream of bees is also a sign of imminent pleasure. It means that in the near future there will be an event or situation that will make you happy that as it has already been said, your happiness will not be reflected because of too much fun.
In traditional India's love poetry, bees are a messenger of love and also a sign of a delicious romance. So the dream of bees also indicates a "very satisfied sexual and romantic love affair" that may take place in the next few days.

In Greek and Egyptian mythology the bee is related to the "divine, to the gods and goddesses" which means that the dream of a bee is a sign that "the level of the conscious self is rising towards the top" or if you are becoming meditative about "higher self and eventually you may reach enlightenment or awareness called by the mystics."

In addition, because honey bees are considered to be a medicine for many types of illnesses and prolong life, dreaming of bees is also a sign of "divine and mysterious healing" or magical healing for all types of illnesses. Where, apart from "healing", the bee in the dream is also a sign of a productive and happy life.

In the ancient book Zadkiel's Dream Book, we can read a beautiful poem about the bee dream:
"To dream a bee is a rare good sign,
For wealth and great pleasure shall be thine;
Free shall you be from poverty's pain,
All things tending to give you gain.
Look forward with joy to this blest state
Oh honor, and peace, and riches great;
 Work on, hope on, trusting in heaven,
And all this good to you shall be given.
Thy wife shall become a fruitful vine;
Children around you in virtue shall shine;
Thy life shall pass unmingled with care;
The dreaming of bees denotes such fare. "


Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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