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I was walking in a shopping mall or like a department store. I saw a shoe. I'm stylish and beautiful in this shape but I don't have anything to buy. I used to think in my dream that I would save and when I have money I will buy it. Then I went home, I opened our door and I looked at the dining table, there was a box and when I opened the box, the shoes I loved were inside. When I put it on, I suddenly woke up from my dream that my feeling was very real.

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According to the traditional or old-fashioned meaning because shoes are used for walking to leave the house, and the difference between shoes and slippers, with slippers, you only go close, but when you wear shoes, you can definitely go far, so it is said that when you dream of shoes it is a sign of a prosperous journey. If your shoes are new and beautiful like you dreamed, Andy, this is a sign of many, one after the other or back and forth in different countries.
On the other hand if it happened for example that you put on your shoes but your feet hurt, this is a sign that the trips you will make will not be "very successful", which means that it is like in this time that OFWs are in fashion in our country, such a trip will not be very productive or you will not earn a lot of money.

If you dreamed that you had no shoes, this is a sign that your life is currently quite content and comfortable, unless in your dream you are "looking for shoes" which means that "you are looking for shoes, because now you dream of traveling or leaving your current state of living.” In short, you dream of progressing to change the current course of your life. 

Meanwhile, in the modern and psychological interpretation, because we use shoes to "steady and make our feet comfortable when walking in the world" the shoes in a dream are also "a picture of our personal state of living in the present". That's why this is also a picture of our desire for material things, to develop and become rich.

That's why if "shoes are elegant or beautiful" as you dream, Andy, this indicates that you dream of being "elegant and beautiful in your current life situation."

We said "you're just dreaming or planning because in your dream you haven't worn the shoes you want so much." But anyway, approximately, whether you are applying abroad or not, you really want to "raise the level of your personal status in society" your dream "you are beautiful in shoes" is almost close that you are close to achieving or reaching your dreams.
The only problem with your dream is that scene where you say: 
"but I don't have anything to buy". 
This is a sign that currently "you have fear, you doubt your ability, and you are discouraged." The reason for your apprehension may be because you may lack skills or you may not have completed college, or even if you have any lack that is currently preventing you from being able to achieve your dream related to your career and the economic aspect.
But fortunately in your dream you also said something like this to yourself: "I was thinking in my dream that I would save and when I have money I will buy it." What this currently means is that “your unconscious self thinks that you will work hard and you will really accumulate talent and skills. Which means you will add skills and further develop your talent to be able to go abroad or to fulfill your current dream to develop and advance.

That's why it's clear, Andy, what "stylish and beautiful shoes in your dream" really means. This shows "your current situation, such as "you don't have money to buy said shoes" which means "you still lack talent, skills and experience", but because you also said in the dream that "I will save or when I get money that you can buy the shoes from me" which means that despite your fear and lack, you will force it to be filled and overcome, "until you got home and you just saw on the dining table, the elegant and beautiful shoes ” – which means that one day as long as you develop your skills and open your eyes, there are wonderful opportunities in front of you, such as going abroad and a good career so that you can develop the economic aspect.

In particular, material things until eventually become rich. Despite the wonderful analysis of your dream, Andy, mentioned above, you still shouldn't be happy because the story of your dream does not end there. Because you said in your dream "when I was about to put on the shoes" I suddenly woke up." It means right now no one knows that if a good opportunity comes in your life, will you really grab it? Can you really wear the beautiful and stylish shoes?
That's why the advice is, if tonight while you are sleeping and you dream again, tell your unconscious self to "put on the shoes". This means, as soon as a wonderful opportunity to prosper and develop your lifestyle "because you put on shoes" that is, "no obstacles, the one time opportunity that fate has laid out for you to become rich, is you grabbed it right away!”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

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