UMBRELLA in Dream is Also a phallic Symbol According to Psychologist Sigmund Freud

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Mhelay's dream about rain and umbrella.

Dear Yod HVH,

It was raining in my dream and then I was under an umbrella but the rain was light so I was happy, I removed the umbrella and let it rain. What does this dream of mine mean?


I suddenly remembered, why was it when we were young, (but now Mhelay I realized that you are old or young and you have malice) that's why when it rains we feel like it's nice to bathe in the rain?
That question will serve as the "key" in interpreting your dream today! Game!

Because the umbrella is for protection from the rain, the umbrella in the modern or psychological interpretation means "you are protecting or protecting someone" and it may also be "you are afraid of someone" so you are under the umbrella in your dream.
But because you removed this umbrella from your dream, it means "your fear is gone and you are free now".

This is also the reason why "when you saw that it was raining only lightly, you removed the umbrella and you were happy", because "you are now free". And in the look or the situation of your dream, it seems to indicate "that you are not only free, but you are very free, because you feel that while you are making it rain, no one can stop you from what you want to do, even if you bathe in the rain."
In other words, your dream describes, "how the former you who was afraid, and the former you who were shy, the former you who had doubts about life, had worries and troubles, in this stage or stage of your being, like as already said, everything you were afraid of has truly disappeared, you will continue to be free, you will be independent and you will live happily."
Meanwhile, the rain in the traditional meaning says, "when the rain is heavy and accompanied by a storm or wind, it portends an upcoming problem", but because the rain in your dream is only weak and you are better off bathed in the rain, in which case, you removed your umbrella to say that this is the "rain brought by heaven for the farmers that can enrich the harvest in the field and help the plants". So the rain in your dream can be said to be a server of luck and a bringer of good fortune. 
In addition to luck and abundance, it also indicates happy and pleasant temptations that will come in the next few days. 
The interpretation is that, because you are outside the house in the rain or maybe on the road, so if you don't have a boyfriend yet, the your dream that "you showered in the rain or you got rained on also indicates that you will meet your boyfriend outside the house or at a gathering, or in a public transport or while you are traveling", where, a pleasant and romantic relationship set to develop.
In modern and psychological interpretation, rain in a dream reveals "fertility, renewal, and spring time, (if the rain is weak or moderate) where, after the weak rain, the buds and leaves of the plants celebrate and sprout . And since rain comes from the sky in other indigenous cultures, it is said that rain is believed to be a "message from God or the divine". And if "how do you feel when you dream of rain" this may also be the message of heaven to you. And because you are happy and it rained in your dream, this is a sign that "your old personality will be washed out to replace Mhelay with a new and happier one in the next few days."

Because rain is water "it also foreshadows an "intense or gust of emotion" that will come in the next few days.
The rain dream can also be "tears or tears" and in your dream, because you are happy, it can also be tears of happiness.

If you connect the interpretations revealed above, now the full or true meaning of your dream becomes clear: "It was raining in my dream and then I fell asleep but the rain was only light so I was happy, I removed it said to be the umbrella." It means "due to situations related to emotions or feelings (rain is water so it is also a symbol of emotions) your personality will be pushed by this emotion to change, as already said, your fear and doubt in your dream that you removed the umbrella, which means that you are not so shy anymore. If incorporated into emotions, as already said, "probably if you don't have a boyfriend yet and you've experienced flirting or you're currently flirting, you'll feel stronger, you'll get rid of fear and worry , so in the near future, your decision is complete that you will have a boyfriend.”
The question now is this: "what will happen next after you remove the umbrella or after you remove the fear and worry from your personality and you have a boyfriend?"
"Did I remove the umbrella and let it rain?"
 It means, “you removed the umbrella, you removed the fear and worry, and then you got a boyfriend or a relationship. And since it's raining, you and Kulokoy or any other lucky guy will have a romantic, free and happy relationship!"
Meanwhile, if the psychologist Sigmund Freud is asked, "the umbrella because its tip is pointed, it is a phallic symbol or the very penis of a man" while "rain is related to fertility or the essence of a woman, so the rain revives the wilting plants in the countryside, the same way the rain drops caress the leaves and roses” so your dream is also related to sex.

It means. "you removed the umbrella or you removed your inhibitions from your body, you temporarily forgot yourself", so you let it rain, and then "you decided to give in, and you freely gave your femininity to your boyfriend or the man you love ” so while you make it rain “you were happy and happy” – this is also the moment of delicious sex, which seems, like in your dream, to be the very drop of light rain, which slowly caresses, gradually wets and caresses the your whole body and personality.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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