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I often dream that I'm sitting in a chair facing more chairs but no one is sitting, it's like an auditorium style but there's no stage, all the seats are level with me.

It's like a room that's a bit dark but there's enough light to write. In one of my dreams I was writing something on paper but I didn't finish anything, I just started to write but eventually stopped. 
After that I went out of the room and went to a building, the building was quite wide and it felt like I was in the lobby and I just walked along with a lot of people and then went back to the room where there were many chairs but when I came back there were no other chairs, What was left in the middle was the one I was sitting on, which looked like a red sofa, but it was small and only for one person
.-Dream by Rica

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The chair has an important role in the life of each of us. It can provide comfort when we want to relax or be a short-term resting place when we are tired. In other dreams it can mean something important, but for others it can be a reflection of everyday events in the life of the person who dreamed it.

But since having a chair dominated your dream, it may mean that you are at a point in your life where you need to hold an important position. It is also possible that right now you are not active or are not doing anything about the important decision that has been given to you.
A dream about a chair, in a general sense, can be a sign that you are not fulfilling your responsibilities or you are not fulfilling a promise. If you are sitting on a chair it can also be a warning because of the possibility that someone may hurt you so you need to be vigilant around, but because you dream of chairs in front of you that no one is sitting on, this is a good sign that someone will help you , may be friends or confidants.

It can also mean that you are too busy with what is happening around you or that you are just following the orders of others.

Part of your dream is to return to the room and sit on the red sofa, if you are comfortable in this chair it means that you will receive good news.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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