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WITH CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at the dream of Jen of San Fernando La Union, about "she was crying and then a man came and told her that "it's okay to cry sister, God loves you."

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day. I just want to know the meaning of the dream I can't forget last week but I keep remembering it. It's like this:

I was at work and two women talked to me about the paper works I was doing. And they said a number that was wrong, but I wrote "8" correctly. I cried a lot, then I was left at work alone and stunned. Then a man who I used to know came and said, "It's enough, sister, you're crying, God loves you" - he said and put his arm around me but as we were walking he suddenly disappeared. Then I looked for them when suddenly a quiet mad dog came to me but he was quiet, he suddenly bit my hand, I wasn't hurt but when I squeezed my hand there was blood. That's when I woke up with a heavy chest and looked at my hand but there was no bite and no tears when I woke up. But until now I can't forget this dream of mine. What does this mean?


The "blood" in the dream, especially if it is seen on our hands, can be assumed to be the same "healing stigmata" experienced by people who have the ability to heal.

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The correct explanation of "healing stigmata" is that the wounds of Jesus in their hands moved to them, because they have the ability to heal.

One of the most popular saints who have "healing stigmata" is Padre Pio also known as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina who was born on May 25, 1887 in Italy. Where, because he had "the wound in his hand that was the same wound of Jesus" - he was healed of many diseases during his time.

So if you dreamed of "blood" after you were "bitten by a mad dog" it could mean that in the next few days, your "upset emotions", anger, fear, resentment, worry and so on -what else, will gradually be "treated", until it disappears completely.

"Crying" in a dream indicates things that you cannot express when you are awake such as sadness, problems and difficult situations that you are unable to express, this "becomes a representation of crying in your dream”. That means, that's why you cry in a dream, you are currently going through the "healing process" called. Yes, your soul, emotions or feelings, are healing, because of "walking life" or in real life, "you want to cry" but you can't. So when you go to sleep, your dream crying really helped to lighten the burden of your heart at the moment, no matter what is troubling you at the moment.

In other words, so there is "blood" in your dream and you are "crying" in your dream, because you have a problem right now. It makes you think, where do I have a problem or what aspect of my life?

That question was answered by your dream, where you are "in the office" and you are with your "workmates" in your dream. Your colleagues at work are saying that your current problem may be related to your job or career and that you are having problems with your fellow employees.

How can your problem be solved?

Your dream also answered the solution to your problem. This happened, when a man who you used to know came out and comforted you saying: "It's enough to cry sister, God loves you."

It means that a man you used to know can help you to solve whatever problem you are having right now.

And because the word "God" appeared in your dream and the man himself said "God loves you" in the end - that is what will truly and truly happen in your "walking life" - "God loves you."

That's why whatever light and even heavy problems come into your life, you will definitely be able to solve all of them smoothly and you will be able to overcome them gloriously.

It happened, because as already said, no matter what happens, remember, no problem can overcome you, because all of this is "so-solved" by God himself. And then, you will be blessed and lucky.

Meanwhile, the number "8" is also the number of the planet Saturn. It is said that any individual who holds the number “8”, will go through great sadness, but after sadness and trials, as your dream also indicates, — immediate, great progress, unparalleled prosperity and wealth more material, that which will ceaselessly and continuously be yours.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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