Crowded ''TRAIN'' and Collision of 2 Train in Dream Meaning

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CASE STUDY - Dream of – Karen
 I dreamed that I got off at a train station that I used to ride home from Work. 

When the passengers with me got off, there was no system because everyone was too lazy to get off, it was still very crowded even though everyone was getting off. He said that I used to complain to the people I was with because they would speed up when leaving the train, until we finally got off. 
When we were a little outside the station, I turned back to the train that had already loosened up and the rider just hesitated, it was slowly leaving but suddenly an oncoming train came and the first part of the two collided train We were scared and shocked then and then I woke up.
– Karen

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The train symbolizes our power in our lives or our control over the things that make us human. It can also mean our problems in life that we can easily solve. A dream about a train can also mean that there are events in your life that are out of your control at the moment.

A crowded train means that you are focused on your power in financial life. This can mean that your decisions regarding business or career are headed in different directions.

Because the train went out of control and crashed, it could also mean that you are not in control of your own power. A dream about a train collision may also leave bad emotions, or it may be a sign that a friend will ask you for help, especially if you saw someone in your dream who was killed or hurt because of the collision.

The collision of two trains in your dream also symbolizes your current situation in life. It can also be a warning of a possible problem in the near future, which still has to do with work.
But since you survived the collision of two trains, it shows that you will meet many more in your life because you will continue to travel and possibly make many connections. 

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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