Dream about The ''PLANE'' made an emergency landing at the top of the mountain

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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Zarah's dream, about a plane that crashed on top of a mountain.

Dear Yod HVH,

What is the meaning of my dream that "I was on a plane but it made an emergency landing at the top of the mountain. 

I look out the window, mountains like chocolate hills, but the sea surrounds it. Then at the very end at the top of a mountain there is a hut. A simple hut, but there are stairs going up to the hut. Then I looked on the other side and saw a beautiful view - different kinds of flowers like paradise with different kinds of animals, lovebirds, snakes and so on." What does this mean?


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If you are out of the Bible Zarah, what you dreamed can be compared to a scene of saving Noah's race after the great flood.

It's a bit modern and a bit more beautiful or a "new version" of your dream. Because "you are on a plane" while Noah is on a "Boat or Ship".

For your knowledge and the knowledge of our dear followers, let us now read Genesis 8: 1-22

"God YHVH did not lose sight of Noah and all the animals that were with him in the big ship. So he blew the wind, and the water began to recede. The water continued to recede and after 150 days the flood was low. The ship ran aground on Mount Ararat. The waters continued to recede and on the first day of the tenth month, the top of the mountains appeared.”

Notice Zarah, "the ship ran aground on Mount Ararat". It means like your dream, "the plane you're on made an emergency landing on the top of the mountain." 

Pay attention Zarah, it says in the Bible, "the top of the mountains appeared" It said in your dream,"When I looked out the window, mountains like chocolate hills..."

Let's read the next paragraph. Genesis 8:6 "After forty days, Noah opened the window of the ark."

Your dream is almost like that, in your dream the version is like this: "I look out the window..."

 (Did you notice, you and Noah had almost the same experience while you were dreaming?)

Let's continue reading: Genesis 11: 10-19

 "Noah waited another seven days, and then he sent the dove flying again. When it came back in the evening, it had a fresh olive leaf on it."

 (In your dream Zarah, "You saw different kinds of flowers.")

 Let's continue reading:

"On the first day of the first month, Noah removed the lid of the ark and saw that the earth was drying up. On the twenty-seventh day of the second month, the land was completely dry. God YHVH said to Noah, "Get out of the ship with your wife, children and sons-in-law. Let out also all the animals that are with you—tame and wild, creeping things and walking on the ground, and also the birds. Let them multiply and inhabit the whole earth.” And Noah and his wife, children and sons-in-law went out. Also, all the animals came out one after the other, wild and tame, everything that crawls and walks, and birds according to their kind."

Did you notice Zarah, there are also "animals in your dreams, love birds and snakes" just like the animals Noah sent out of the Ark, "gentle and wild".

And let's continue reading Genesis: 11:20-22

 "Noah built an altar for YHVH. He took one of every clean animal and bird, and burned it as an offering. When YHVH smelled its sweet fragrance, he said to himself, "I will not curse the ground because of the work of man even though I know that his mind is evil from his youth. I will never again exterminate any living thing like I did today.”

After this Noah and his children were blessed by God YHVH. This is what can be read in Genesis 9: 1-3 and 7 Noah and his children were blessed by God: "Have many children and fill the whole earth with your offspring. All the animals will be afraid of you, including the birds, everything that creeps on the ground and the fish. All these I place under your power. Like the green plants that you eat, you can eat all of them.

So your dream Zarah is no doubt. You are shown what will happen in the future. A message from heaven. Which indicates the salvation and the blessings of God in your life, as long as the important thing is that you just offer

Since it is no longer fashionable to offer "burnt" as Noah did, it is better if what you offer is to do good to your neighbor.

You can help the poor, give charity or alms or any other kind of help that soothes your feelings and mood.

When you do that, (an offering of helping others) God will surely bless you like the blessing that was done to Noah. And not only blessings will come to you, but many more blessings, not only for you, but for your family and your family and the next generation and generation of your clan.

Meanwhile, in the modern meaning or psychological interpretation, this is what your dream says.

You are the mountain and you are also at the plane. "The two sides you saw on the top of the mountain" are "the two contents of your mind at the moment".

First, the "simple hut with stairs" - represents your dream or thought in life, to help your family, improve your career and then live a simple life with your own family.

While the second content of your mind or dream is described by "a beautiful landscape with different types of flowers like paradise, with different types of animals and so on." This means that your own "dream is not simple, but he still wants to reach, achieve or work in life." Being able to travel and reach different places in the world, with his loved ones. Have delicious experiences and live abundantly, with luxuries, delicious and happy.”

The good thing about your dream is that you are at the "top of the mountain". That means, this will make all your dreams come true. Whether it's a simple or even a complicated dream, both will come true and will surely come true!

But another question that hasn't been answered in your dream is this: "Why did the plane you were on make an emergency landing?"

This is the answer: "Your dream informs you that while your life is at its "peak right now" your unconscious self is meditating on you to make a decision and re-prioritize your dream. How far does the plane you're riding really want to go (that's you or that's your career, or that's your dream). Are you shopping for what you really should be? "Is a simple family all you should dream of and reach for? Or a family, which is more romantic, sightseeing in different places? Following any luxury and pampering and doing everything to make this life sweet and happy? A family that is truly more prosperous and very wealthy indeed?

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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