Dream About Walking in the ''BEACH'' under the ''SUNSET''

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 In my dream, I was walking on the beach, and what I saw was very peaceful, there were not many people. Every step I took on the sand, my feet made a mark, until I thought of walking on the shore of the sea.

While I was walking towards the water, suddenly there were big waves, but even though it seemed like the current of the water would take me, I continued walking, and just a few steps I was in the deep part, that's when I noticed that there were couples on the beach and they talk sweetly. Then, I forced myself to get out of the water, it felt heavy because I couldn't get out, but eventually I was able to return to the beach and saw the beautiful view again as well as the beautiful sky because of the sunset.

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Dreaming about the beach can be related to your desire to have a fresh start. The meaning of dreams about the beach is also positive. If you feel peaceful while you're on the beach, it means you're also relaxed when it comes to what you're doing right now.

But because you dreamed of big waves coming suddenly, it could mean that you are in a state right now where you are losing control of your emotions. The beach symbolizes your feelings today. If the waves are bigger than you, it shows that your emotional issues may result in a more difficult situation.

The sunset  in your dream means that you are getting ready to start over, maybe starting a business, career or love or relationship.

Dreaming about the beach also symbolizes your desire to relax, because it is possible that subconsciously you really need to take a break or vacation. Our emotions and material possessions are also connected to the beach.

In the part where you walked towards the water, it means that you still have problems that want to be solved and you are now working on a way to get them done. When you see other couples and seem to avoid them, it says that you need to develop your social skills.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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