Dream about your ex-boyfriend, ex-partner or your ex-husband

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With Case Study: Let's now look at the dreams of: Jamilla of Las Pinas, Gracy and Sam regarding dreams related to ex-boyfriends and former partners.

Dream 1 : Jam's Dream

Dear Yod HVH,

I'm Jam from Las Pinas. I will just refer to you my dream. I always dream about my ex-boyfriend. Even though I have a wife and a child. Most of the time, only sweet memories are shown in my dreams and what surprises me is that in my walking life I don't always think of him. So when I started dreaming about him, I always thought of him. That's unfair to my husband. But, I'm really confused so I hope you can answer this so my confusion will go away.



Dream 2: Gracy or Avah's dream

Dear Yod HVH,

I've been dreaming about my old partner for the umpteenth time this week. I'm avoiding my dreams, but he's the one paying attention to me. What does this dream of mine mean? Just call me Gracy or Avah.


Dream 3: Sam's dream

Dear Yod HVH,

What does my dream mean, this has been happening again and again, I have dreamed of my ex-boyfriend three times. He also has a family but we have a child. In my dream, he always pays attention but I don't pay attention, then I look at him secretly. What does this mean? Just call me Sam.


At a glance, many believe that you can dream about your ex-boyfriend, ex-partner or your ex-husband, because you still like him.

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They even said, "the said man lived in your dream, because in truth you still love him!"

Although it seems like that, but the meaning is not that simple when you dream of your ex-boyfriend or partner. Instead of the truth, the reason you are dreaming of your "ex-boyfriend" is not really what you miss, but the "situation or event that you were together."

That means, usually those who dream of their ex-boyfriend or their former partner, are "purely happy or have a romantic moment in their dream."

Is that right, Gracy, Sam and Jam, there is a thrill factor in your dreams?

For example, in our letter sender today, Gracy in particular, can notice this story in her dream, "I'm avoiding my dream, but it seems like she's paying attention to me."

When you enter Gracy's dream, "you will see the sweetness or like lovers courting" - that one is still narrowing, but that one wants to get closer to the other.

This dream of Gracy shows "courtship" or "courting of lovers" and we can also say "flirting."

In the second example, let's go to Sam's dream, we can notice the scene or situation is like this, "In my dream I always get jealous but I don't pay attention, then I secretly look at him."

It will be noticed that the "theme" is the same in Gracy's dream and in Sam's dream. The situation or event is also flirting.

The only difference with Sam's is that her ex-boyfriend has "secret glances or glances in her dream that if you actualize in walking life, or in real life, you will notice an exciting situation or a very romantic flirt.”

That's why in the dream, Jam himself came out and admitted to his unconscious self what was really happening while he was dreaming of his ex-boyfriend, "all that is shown in my dream is sweet memories.."

This means that the moment you dream of your ex-boyfriend or your former partner, 100% as already explained, the scene that will appear in the dream is "exciting, romantic and flirting and you and your ex-boyfriend are still in love."

The question now is this: “Does this mean that you still love your ex-boyfriend so you are dreaming about him? Can! But, you definitely won't admit it, that you still love your ex-boyfriend, you won't admit it, because right now you may have "a new boyfriend, you're married, or you already have a family." That's why Jam said, "That's unfair to my wife".

Where, Jam is right, "it's really unfair to her husband that she still dreams about her ex-boyfriend and the content of her dream is as if she and her ex-boyfriend are still in love in her dream."

That's why it's so important that we go back to the most crucial question: "Why does this pesky ex-boyfriend keep appearing in dreams, even if you admit that you still love him or even if you deny that you still love him? him?”

And Jam said, "what's really annoying is the scene where you don't think about him, suddenly your ex-boyfriend appears in your dream and after you dream about him, - that's what made you always want him again imagine!”

The truth is that you can dream of your ex-boyfriend, as we have already said above, it is not your old boyfriend, you want to "get back together" or you do not "wish" to "become boyfriend again" you!”

Instead, the "wish" of your unconscious self so that he appears in your dream is "the very scene where he flirts with you, or the scene where you caress, or the scene of your sweet moments or the scene where he thrills and flirts with you him."

That's exactly what "your unconscious self wants to happen and want to happen again" - you experience a delicious experience now like you used to do with your ex-boyfriend, you are very sweet to each other and you flirt.

That's why if you think about it carefully Jam, Gracy and Sam, the event that you dreamed about your ex-boyfriend will even help so that you and your current husband can further develop your relationship. Yes, because of your dream about your ex-boyfriend, you will be able to improve your relationship even more. You may ask, in what way Yod?

That's it- "have your husband do it or do it yourself, or encourage your wife to do the scenes you were dating before again. The scenes when you were just lovers, when you were so sweet to each other, and the ants and bees were shy of your very exciting relationship before you warmed to each other and loved each other."

That scene, what your unconscious self is really looking for so you dream about your ex-boyfriend – scenes of flirting that you don't do now, but your unconscious self missed that.

And because your unconscious self wants to "flirt her again", she has nothing else

choice or shopping, to convey to you this "unfulfilled unconscious self" of your own - but to "relive again through a dream the scene where you were together with your ex-boyfriend who once again thrilled and savored his feeling. ”

That's why the moment you did the said "sweet moments" again not with your ex-boyfriend but with your current husband, you will see, your ex-boyfriend will not appear in your dreams again.

At the same time, your relationship with your spouse will grow and become more romantic, because you have met your own unconscious wish that seems to say "flirt with me" and because you and your husband really flirted, this will lead to a delicious, happy life again. and lavish romance for life.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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