I bought House and Lot in my Dream

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 I hope I know what this dream of mine means, I have dreamed four times that I bought a lot. 

He said that in my dream, after I bought the lot that didn't have many houses next to it, I immediately had a house with a third floor and white in color. I wasn't with my family so I also chose the design, and interior items, when everything was done I just brought my wife and children to the place but instead of being happy, they reacted differently and seemed not they are content and they don't like the things I chose. I suddenly felt sad because I worked so hard and I was really tired of building the house.
– Joshua

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 The said meaning of buying land and having a new house are almost the same. 
Having a dream about buying land can mean the arrival of opportunities in your life, it can be a new job, business, or any income. If there is not much adjacent to the land that was purchased, it could mean that you will discover something or do something that no one else knows or can do.

It is also possible that buying land means you start your real life and building a house on the land can mean that you are securing a strong foundation for the people who will live on it.
Buying a house in a dream is a sign that something good will happen to you. The new house represents our achievement of the things we want and our emotions. In your distress, you have made the house condition, this may mean that achieving life goals is important to you and will do everything to obtain them.

Dreaming about family means that there may be a misunderstanding among your members or you are protecting yourself against them. The part where they are not happy with the result of building your house is an indication that there is no proper communication between you.
The color of the house is also important in your dream. White symbolizes our purity and fear. You may need to focus more on making positive changes and forgiveness in your life.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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