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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Marigeline Pagayon's dream, about flying and being chased by enemies.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day! Just call me Marigeline. I always dreamed that I was flying and being chased by my enemy. Then it's hard to lift me up, and when I'm able to fly my enemies reach for my leg. What does this dream of mine mean?



In the old or traditional sense, flying in a dream indicates that you will overcome many trials and problems. So if you have a problem right now, whatever your problem is, because you dreamed that you were flying, you will see, in the next few days, you will solve your problems.

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It is also said that the dream of flying is an indication of travel. That's why if you are planning to go abroad, the right time will definitely come when you can go abroad.

That's all, because you have enemies that prevent your feet from flying completely, this is a sign that you can't just go abroad either, instead before you get to the other side of the sea, you have to deal with a lot of problems first get over

In addition to this, the dream of flying also indicates "you have a dream that is relatively high in your current position or state of being". But because you really flew, the right time will come when you will also achieve the said position you have been dreaming of, no matter how high the thing you hope to achieve.

That's why just because someone "blocks your flight and it's your enemies and grabs your foot", as it was said above, it really won't be easy for you to achieve whatever your ambition or dream is.

It is also possible that the dream of flying is a symbol of a very high dream, which at the moment you hope to fulfill, but is still far from reality.

It is now clear, Marigeline, the true meaning and signification of your dream, "where, because of your dream it seems that your enemies are hindering you or stopping you, it just means that whatever you dream of in life, is not it has yet to be completely fulfilled, because there are still many obstacles and concerns at present.”

So it's better to sleep again, and when you dream of "flying" again, make sure there are no obstacles. And also make sure that "your enemies will not hold you by the feet", to ensure your success and complete happiness in whatever you dream of in life.

Also remember that "your enemies chasing you while you fly are yourself", saying "I will not let you succeed" - That's what your other self says that you have to fight and tell him too like this: "you can't stop me, whether you like it or not - I'll fly sky high and you'll never be able to reach me again!"

Meanwhile in the modern sense or psychological interpretation that the moment you dream that you are flying, it indicates that your unconscious self returns to childhood. That happened, because in your walking life there is a situation that you want to escape, where, it's like you say to yourself "I wish I could just go back to my childhood" so that I can completely forget my current problems.

It may also be that the dream that you are flying indicates that you are currently feeling high. It means you are happy. But this is not "applicable" to you, Marigeline, because in your dream someone is pulling your feet, down.

On the other hand, for psychologist Sigmund Freud, "the dream of flying is also related to sexual fantasy."

Where, the dream of flying leaves nothing to the "arousal of your masculinity or femininity". It means that while you dreamed that you were flying, "the feeling of this or the feeling inside your being is like you are having sex." Freud may be right, that the dream of "flying is a desire to have sex or to release the libido to pleasure" because according to the record, one of the most common dreams that people have is that of flying. Freud may be right, "we all desire sexual pleasure or pleasure, which we will not release in walking life, but the moment we dream of flying, - the feeling is delicious.

As it was said that our sexual urge of that night is almost over, which means, "feeling high and euphoric" you feel, you are flying as if you are actually having sex with the great pleasure you feel while you are dreaming.

Meanwhile, Marigeline, if we take this interpretation of Sigmund Freud, because in your dream it is very difficult for you to fly or something is holding you back, this is a sign that you are currently "sexually unsatisfied" or you have not fully fulfilled your sexual desire

Maybe you don't have a boyfriend, so something is blocking your flight. If you have a boyfriend or a husband, your sex may always be suspended so instead of reaching "that high and euphoric state" at the end of the galaxy while you are flying, it is that "sexual frustration" that you are currently experiencing.

So as already said, it is better if you sleep again, and the moment you dream again, make sure you dream that you are flying happy, free and almost, you reach the expanding sky without anything stopping you, a flight which is very delicious, the birds and clouds in the sky are pampered, symbolizing a delicious and very satisfied intercourse.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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