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With CASE STUDY: Let's now look at Jones Jod's dream about someone chasing him.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day. Maestro, I just want to ask why I always dreamed that I was being chased. Then I was not caught or overtaken by my pursuer. What does this mean?


Do you think Jones, because you are out of reach chasing you in your dream, that means something good? No!

Back then, when I didn't specialize in interpreting dreams, I thought "as long as I'm not caught or caught or grabbed by someone chasing me, that has a good meaning" That's what I thought before!

But this time I studied it carefully, Yes very well, what is the meaning of "someone is chasing you in a dream", that's when I realized (yes I really realized, the depth of that word is really deep), but on the surface, only then did I realize that it's better if you dream that someone is "chasing you, catch up or just catch up."

You may ask why is it okay if the person chasing you catches you or grabs you in your dream?

That's how it is!

When you think about your "walking life" or when you are awake, why someone is chasing you, these facts emerge:

  • First, maybe chasing you will hurt you when chasing you?
  • Second, maybe you are running and being chased, have you committed a sin or a mistake that you want to escape?
  • Third, maybe you are afraid of someone, that is why you are running and that is why someone is chasing you?
  • And fourth, maybe you're being chased because the person chasing you is going to give you something, but you mistakenly thought he was going to do something bad to you, so instead of stopping, you ran even faster?
  • Let's now examine the four situations in our life in the "walking life" why are we running and someone is chasing us?
  • First, "you are afraid of being hurt in your dream, that's why you are running and someone is chasing you."

The problem is, in our dream, who do you think would try to hurt you and why would they hurt you?

The real thing is, when you are running in a dream and you are afraid of someone or someone is chasing you, - "you yourself are also chasing you."

There is "you are running away from responsibility or you are afraid of something that you must face or must do right now or at the time you are dreaming that someone is chasing you."

So while you are running fast in your dream and you say that the person chasing you is not catching you, this is a clear indication, you cannot "confront your inner self".

You are afraid to "face the screaming truth in front of the mirror that you have made a mistake or a shortcoming!" It could be a mistake in yourself or a shortcoming in your neighbor.

And because you are running away from this mistake, or you are running away from this responsibility or whatever you are afraid of yourself, now you will always dream of this scene – you are running and someone is always chasing you.

You are being chased and the theme of your dream “is that you are a little scared or really scared”. You don't even want to face your own "weakness". Sometimes, you don't even want to face your "responsibility" so you always dream of such a theme.

The worst thing about this is, apart from the fact that you will always dream of the theme that "you are afraid, you are nervous and you are very worried in your dream" is that, in your walking life or in real life "you will not be able to achieve the true integration or unity of your two selves.

And until there is "unity" or "completeness" or "embrace" and unity between the two of you.

Psychologist Carl Jung called this "principium individuationis or Individuation" - your two selves are united and because they are united, they will be successful and happy for life.

But if you are not "grabbed or caught by the person chasing you in your dreams" - - you will always remain afraid of life, disappointed, without peace of mind, will not be happy and will not succeed.

So in order to have "unity in your inner self" if the "conscious and the unconscious self" meet, embrace and be alone, you must face your responsibility, face and confront if there is anything that you "fear or run away from" ”.

When you do that, "instead of running you face the chaser" - fear will disappear from your heart. Doubts will disappear, you will have a sound sleep, you will have peace of mind. And when you have peace of mind, you can easily reap a successful, a happy experience for life.

As the Chinese Mystic Lao-Tzu (6th – 5th BCE) said, “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing your self is Enlightenment”.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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