Someone ''STEAL''from you in Dream

 In a dream where someone steals from you, 

it means that you feel unappreciated or ignored by the people around you.

It can be related to work colleagues or even your family. It's also a sign that you don't trust that those around you will respect you.

It is also possible that you feel that you are being exploited - either financially or for other reasons. 

For Example, In your dream, two girls stole from your house, it's not literal. But it can also represent someone younger than you taking opportunities that you think are for you.

In general, it is normal to dream of a thief. In a dream, the thief symbolizes the kind of benefit in love, position, popularity and other aspects. It is not literally that you will be robbed, but it says that you are afraid of losing love, reputation, or being robbed of other important things in your life.

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