Strange Dream about gave birth to a ''DOLL''

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CASE STUDY: Dream of Pia

 My dream was so strange that I still remember it even though I was wide awake.

I'm walking in a park, I'm not in a hurry and I'm just enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.
Then, I just sat on the bench and that's when I noticed that my stomach was big and like a pregnant woman. I was surprised by what I saw, after I went to the hospital to check what was wrong with me. In the next incident, it was said that I was about to give birth, but to my surprise and those with me, a doll came out. What does this mean?
– Pia

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A dream about the birth of a doll is a sign of change. It's possible that you've gotten used to the routine or task that you've been doing over and over again or you've forgotten your goal and my friends in life noticed it. This change will bring good things to your life.

If you are in a relationship right now, and you dreamed of giving birth to a baby doll, it may mean that you are used to or comfortable with your partner, and you are finding it difficult to create new routines to make something different for you.

It can also mean that you want something to happen in your life. If you had this dream and you are not in a relationship right now but there is someone you want to get close to, it is possible that you may not even admit it to yourself but you want to get to know him better and you are ready for a new relationship, or you are currently in a period of preparation for to new opportunities in your life.
The birth of a doll is also connected to improving the financial aspect of your life. 

You want money because you feel more secure and stable if you hold it. You also have more self-confidence when you have it and because you know yourself better you know how to give it to yourself.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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