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Dear Yod HVH,

I often dream that I'm at school, even after I've finished school. And I have children now. What does school mean in a dream?


In the Old or Traditional Meaning because the school is an institution or building where, forges wisdom, and is related to the mentality, it means that when you dream of a school, it is a sign that you have "a big decision to make in your life in when you dreamed of school.”

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It is also said that when you dream of school, the state of your mind at the moment, or at the time you dreamed is too "busy in discovering different kinds of wisdom or you have a thought that you have not yet resolved the end or the final outcome of what you think. You may also currently be faced with a decision but currently you are dreaming of school, because you have not yet decided what your decision should be.

In addition, because in school you study "every lesson or assignment" you may also dream of school at the moment, you will be able to incorporate many life lessons into your walking life, in other words, be critical now , because during this time you will learn many life lessons that you can use for your success and happiness in the future.

In Modern Interpretation or Psychological meaning, if you dreamed you were in school, there are questions to consider. Like what are you in school, are you the teacher or the principal? Or are you the student?

In your dream, were you happy when you were at school or did you feel okay or normal?

If you are not happy in your dream and you are a student in your dream, it may be that you are currently dreaming of school, there are people who give you an order that even if you don't want it, it seems like you are obligated to do it or follow them. It's like, you're fed up with school, but your partner in life right now is what you're being asked to do. That's why your unconscious self brought you back to a scene, "that your teachers also ordered you or gave you obligations to complete."

Could it also be that you dreamed of school, your unconscious self is reminding you that "there is something you should learn or study in your current life so that you can progress further and succeed?

But if in your dream you are happy and you feel okay or maybe you are not a student but instead you just visited the school, this is a sign "that you will learn something new during this period of your experience." And this new learning will play a big part in your current life.

Meanwhile, another question is what school did you dream about or what year level did you dream about?

Because as already explained, the school in our dream reminds our unconscious self that in these times we have an important lesson or life lesson to learn so we dream of school.

That's why if you were in high school, this is a sign that although you have many lessons to learn at this time of your life, these "lessons are related to superficial knowledge that will not be very important in your future."

But if the school you dreamed about was when you were in college, this is a sign that the lesson or lesson of life you will learn, so you dreamed of school will have a very big impact on your life and as already said, the lesson that it will help you so that your current life can bring you to the pinnacle of success and pure happiness.

And it's also possible that you dreamed of school or school unconsciously you want to go back to "school" because right now you feel like you have a lot of lessons that you really want to learn, and you didn't learn them when you were still studying .

A school in a dream for businessmen indicates that with smart offers and entertainment, you will earn a large amount.

For ordinary workers or employees, school in a dream reminds you that in order to be promoted, increase your position and increase your salary, you should further develop your other skills regarding your career. Maybe you dreamed of school, your unconscious self reminds you to attend seminars to improve your performance in your office or maybe if you graduate from college, you take masteral units or the Board Exam. If there is any improvement you can make in your current status, do it so that your career can flourish and develop even more.

For students, the school dream indicates that you want to do or achieve something at the moment but you haven't achieved it yet, that's why you keep dreaming of your own school.

Often it is also said that a student who has a "secret crush on his classmate or schoolmate" that has not been revealed, also dreams of school, because that is the way of the "unconscious self to fulfill his unconscious wish" to be your boyfriend girl or that boy that he "crushed in high school or in college" they were still, so after dreaming of school, a student, will definitely dream of school again in the second dream that the same girl or boy that he had a crush on is there and in said dream there may be exciting and romantic events.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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