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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Rachel's dream About always dreamed of a place with many flowers. What does this mean?


Would you believe it if we said that out of all the people in the world, only women dream of flowers? And it can also be said that men rarely dream of flowers, except for gays or homosexuals, because flowers are a symbol of women.

According to psychologist Carl Jung, 

"Flower symbolizes the woman herself; her budding sexuality; the first kiss or the first sexual act (to be "deflowered"); the flowering of new energies or ideals”.

That is, the flower itself is you. And also based on the explanation mentioned above, aside from the usual women who dream of flowers, most of them are those at a young age, who can compare their experience – to a rose that is currently blooming.

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So those old women, those women who smell like the earth, it's impossible and very rare for them to dream of flowers, because the symbol of flowers, especially "blooming" is only for teenagers, or adolescents .

So if a married or elderly woman dreams of flowers or often dreams of flowers, the interpretation is clear and it means, "she is currently in love or flirting with an old woman or men.

So let's go back to your dream Rachel, as it was said above, you are blooming right now, looking for the first hug or the first kiss, or let's say you are thirsty for romantic moments which are also the symbol of flowers.

In addition to this, we can also say that you are thirsty for a boyfriend or if you have a boyfriend now, you are thirsty for a scene where the two of you are walking together in the park or maybe sitting under a leafy tree wood while you observe the flowers in the garden of your love.

That's what your unconscious self wants to happen, that you have someone to pamper. Therefore, the said romantic scene was hidden by flowers in your dream.

Carl Jung says that "deflowered" or "lost virginity". So it can also be assumed, if you are still a virgin today, there is no malice in this conversation, it is just that, at your age now, you are nervous or playing in your mind about matters that are obscene and related to having sex. In exact words, you dream of flowers, because this is the time of your sexual awareness.

Meanwhile, the meaning of flowers in dreams is not that simple. Also, you should question your feelings, while you are dreaming of flowers. Are you happy? Sad? And in other words, what is the relationship of flowers in waking life, in your actual or real life?

Because if you were happy when you dreamed of flowers, and you clearly see in your dream how the flowers bloom or how they are moved by the wind, it only means that "the flowers are : "symbolize a part of you that has begun to bloom."

That means, apart from being happy emotionally, you are blossoming and having a deep awareness of yourself, the society you live in, and your private world. This also means that a lot of luck and good fortune will come to you spontaneously in the next day.

Additional question where did you see the flowers? In the park, in the countryside or on the table with a bouquet? The flowers that are offered on the side of the casket of our departed loved ones can also symbolize sadness.

If in the countryside or in a park, this means that you are currently, inhibited or trying to hide your waning passion or intense feelings of falling in love with a man you have a crush on. It means that there is a man who wants to be with you so much that you just can't tell or reveal it to him. That's why you dreamed of flowers in the wilderness or in the countryside.

If you dreamed of flowers on the table or arranged like a bouquet - this is a sign that even though you have a crush on a man, you still control and hold your feelings or in short, you can still hide or secret your admiration for him.

In addition, it is also said that sometimes women who are close to being pregnant or currently pregnant or carrying a baby in her womb also dream of flowers. It symbolizes the very "ovary" or ovary of women. And the "uterus" can also be used, which symbolizes the power of their inner organ to create, nurture and develop a healthy, beautiful and intelligent baby in their womb.

It means that when a woman is pregnant and dreams of flowers, her child will definitely be a cute and beautiful girl.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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