What does it mean when you feel like you're losing money?

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Dear Yod HVH,  In my dream, it was because I came from the bank and was carrying a bag with only money in it.

After I left the bank, I was very careful when handling the bag with money, and just walked straight back to the office. But as I was walking I noticed that the bag I was carrying was also getting lighter, so before entering our office building, I checked the contents of the bag first. I was surprised because the money I was carrying disappeared and the rest of it was replaced with coins. This is where I woke up, but I would like to know what this means, I'm nervous that this might come true in my future work. 

– Robin

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We don't often see money in our dreams, so your dream can be considered strange. It can be associated as a symbol of our power and self-confidence.

If you have this, you are more confident in real life, but also because of money, many will chase you to get close to a good person like you. This dream can also be associated with our search for something we love.

In your dream, you lost money so it could be a sign that there is an aspect of your life that needs your attention. It could also be that you are afraid of something and you want it to be over.

Losing your money in a dream also represents the exhaustion of your strength or power or authority, you may also have lost your job and you really want to get up in your career.

But because you dreamed that money was exchanged for coins, this is a sign that everything will be fine regardless of your current situation, happiness will come to you.

There is also symbolism in the way you handle money, if the way you handle it is strict and careful, it means that you want to spend something or maybe you are considering changing careers or moving on in a relationship .

You may be in a state right now of searching, making a big decision and moving into a new phase of your life


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