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 Hello, what does it mean when I dreamed that my relatives introduced me to someone to be my boyfriend? In my dream, after he was introduced to me, we immediately became friends. 

He seems to be of a different race because of his looks and is kind, he said he would accept me no matter what my personality is, even if I am a transgender. 
I also proved that he is generous because in my dream, he didn't let me contribute to what we ate, apart from this he also likes to give a lot of gifts so I am always full of different things from him. My family is happy with our relationship and I feel comfortable with him. Is there a chance that he will be my partner in real life?
– Rem

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When there is a foreigner in our dream, it may mean a difference in the characteristics of you and the closest person in your life. If in your dream you got close to a foreigner and you got along, this could also be your relationship with someone close to you in real life.

Foreigners can also be a symbol of great differences or our desire to know things that we do not understand. And since in your dream you pictured your foreigner boyfriend as kind and gallant, it means that many people in your real life treat you well. It is also possible that you will be in good health and will get good opportunities in your future.

If you are not sure of the nationality of the foreigner you are with, it could mean that you have something hidden in your personality that may change the way the society you belong to thinks about you.
In addition, foreigners in our dreams also represent promises, feelings or emotions that we have forgotten.

The many gifts and full of things from him symbolize your hidden talents or your efforts to become rich. Overall, your dream is saying something good because your relationship with your boyfriend in the dream is also good but despite this, it is not certain that he will be your partner in real life. 

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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