Dream About no one in the "WORKPLACE''

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 I dreamed that I entered my workplace. But I saw no one. I went around the whole office but I was really alone. I wonder where my co-workers have gone.

Dreaming about work is one of the most common dreams. 
Usually, those who dream like this are those who are too serious about work, where until they return home, work is on their mind.
Your dream where you saw no one at your workplace may be an indication that you are going through an issue at work. It's possible that you don't feel proper recognition and have the impression that your bosses don't appreciate any of your contributions.
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Analyze your situation. Imagine if there was ever a time in your job where you felt unappreciated. Did you ever miss out on a promotion? Do you feel like you're not getting paid enough for the work you put in?

But it is also possible that the message of your dream is not about work. It could be about a personal situation like a family or a relationship. Maybe here you feel that you are not very appreciated. If it's in love life, do you feel that the person you love is treating you coldly?
You are still the one who can determine the most where you can connect your dream. If it is indeed connected with your work, you need to give yourself a break first. Relax. Remember you don't live just to work. Also remember that even if you work for several decades, when the time comes you have to retire and resign, you will be replaced very quickly in your position.

Although work is important because it is where we earn a living, it should not be the center of our lives. Leaving the office, leave your work worries behind. Don't let your whole being be a slave to your work. Consider your dream a reminder to your mind—there is a right time for work and it doesn't have to be a 24/7 mind. 
Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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