Dream About the ''PARTY'' and your PREGNANT friend

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 I dreamed that I went to a party, the place was social and the people were dressed formally.

 At that party, one of my old close friends came. We had a falling out before and until now our relationship has not been restored. Surprisingly, I saw that she was pregnant. I approached him and accompanied him inside but we didn't talk much because I felt that there was still tension between us. Later, her boyfriend who is also my friend came. I woke up there.
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Two symbolisms can be interpreted in your dream – the party and your pregnant friend. Dreaming about pregnancy is a symbol of a new development happening in your life. Whatever this change is, it has a big impact on your life like a big goal – new project, new lifestyle, new business.

With this change, your emotions are affected. If for example it is a new business, it is very personal to you or it is very close to your heart so it is not only a new business but it may be what you hope will be the fulfillment of a long time dream in life.

For example, an artist may dream of pregnancy if he is about to start something or is starting a new work of art. Study which aspect of your life is having or will have a big change. Here you can connect your dream.

The part of your dream where a friend who offended you can be connected to your emotions. You said you used to have a grudge against this friend of yours. Since he was the center of your dream, this is an indication that until now you are affected by the destruction of your good relationship. In your dream, you said you could feel the tension between you and your old friend. Although you felt negative, you approaching your friend shows that you are still ready to fix your relationship and this itself is a good development in actual life if you do it realistically.

A dream about a feast is considered a good omen in ancient beliefs. 
It is considered a positive dream because it is said to foretell good events in the coming days. Eating with loved ones is an indication that you will forgive or receive forgiveness from someone. If this forgiveness revolves around you and your friend, this is a good event that you should look forward to.
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Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 



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