Had a ''FIGHT'' with my best friend in Dream

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 I dreamed that my best friend and I were arguing. We screamed until it got to the point where we were hurting each other. I woke up feeling like I was actually punching and panting with rage. In real life, my friend and I don't fight.
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To dream that you are fighting is an indication that you are feeling angry. It may not be anger at a person but anger at a situation. It symbolizes the conflict you are going through, with yourself.
 You may have an unresolved issue and that is the source of your inhibitions.

This type of dream is common among women who are going through emotional problems. Analyze your situation, which part of your life are you uncomfortable with?

It is possible that there is a strong emotion that you cannot bring out in actual life but because it is only in the back of your mind, it comes out in your dream.

Your dream shows that there is a conflict in your will and you need to fully understand its root because only you can resolve it. You still have the ability to make the necessary decision or action to completely erase this kind of pent-up tension. 
If you can't connect a situation in your life to say that you are holding back strong emotions, it is possible that your dream is just a result of stress. If you have been under a lot of pressure in the past few days and you feel like you want to take a breath and get rid of the pressure, you may connect this to your dream that you are fighting with your best friend.

It is also better to vent to someone you trust whatever is troubling your mind and causing tension in your mind. It's not a bad idea to tell your best friend about your dream so you can help each other understand whatever you're going through. Remember that if there is someone who knows and understands you the most, it is no one else than your best friend.
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Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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