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 I just have some questions. I have a crush and I always dream about him. Is it because I always think about him? Does this mean he thinks about me too? Apart from my crush, I always dream of crying but when I wake up I don't know the reason for my crying in the dream. I often wake up with tears in my eyes and sobbing.

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The dream you often have about your crush is a "wish fulfillment dream". This happens when someone is always on your mind. Every time you see your crush, the day gets better and you get inspired. That's why it's not surprising that until you fall asleep, he's still the stuff of your dreams.

Your recurring dream about your crush does not necessarily mean that he is also thinking about you. Instead, right now you are convinced that he is the fulfillment of your dreams — like 'Prince Charming' and you really wish you could be.
But only you can know if your crush is also looking at you. You are the one who sees his actions when you meet and if you are true to yourself and remove illusions and fantasies first, then only then will you be able to measure if the person of your dreams also looks at you. Make sure first if your dreams are just "wishful thinking" or if your subconscious really feels that there is mutual admiration between the two of you. All in all, it's still better to wait to be noticed than to be noticed.

As for your crying in dreams, this is a way for your subconscious to release negative emotions. You mentioned that you are going through something and you are focusing too much on the negative aspects of life so your crying in the dream is an indication that your mind is struggling too much.
By dreaming, you release negative emotions so somehow the weight you feel when you are awake is lessened. On the one hand, your tears in the dream help. It gives balance to your emotions because you can release your repressed emotions even for a moment.

Everyone has their own experience —just a different version. Because you look for negativity, you only see negativity. Try to focus on the positive. Every negative event, look for even a little positive. Do this every day until you get used to being positive and have a calm outlook on life.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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