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 I dreamed I was in the living room of our house.  I was arranging flowers. Red roses in a flower vase. What I remember is, I took one of the roses and smelled it. That's all I remember in my dream, the red roses.

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Flowers are a good type of dream. It symbolizes happiness. A bunch of flowers is a symbol of spirituality and perfection. Such a dream is an indication that you are experiencing pleasure, love, and contentment in life.

Colorful flowers — red roses — are also an indication that you are receiving enough support from the people you love. They are the ones who give you the confidence and self-belief to push on in life even more.

The flowers inside the house are an indication that you are abundant in love and that comes from inside the house, family members and other loved ones.

A rose that you took from the flower base and smelled in your dream shows that among the love you receive, there is one that stands out. Compared to everyone else, you love this person more and he will be considered special in your life. This person may still be a part of your life and may also be a part of your past. It is possible that this person who is most special to you is now far away from you and your heart feels longing for this person.

The color red flower is a symbol of different emotions. It can be love, romance, passion, but this color can also be connected to jealousy and anger.

To get the closest interpretation to your dream, ask yourself: what exactly did you feel in your dream? What was your reaction? If you feel sad despite the beautiful flowers in front of you, you may be missing the love of a certain individual. If you were happy in your dream, it is an indication that you are also happy and satisfied with your life situation.

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Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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