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 I dreamed that I was in the classroom. I'm standing in the middle of the classroom. I didn't hear the question so I don't know what to answer. I only Remember is that I've been standing for a long time and I'm embarrassing the whole class. I woke up unable to speak. I also feel the shame even when I wake up.

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This is also one of the common dreams and is almost the same as the dream about taking an exam where you didn't get a review so you are worried about answering.
 Such dreams are an indication that you are going through issues about dealing with the people you interact with every day and your insecurities in life.

In school we learn to face life's challenges. This is where we learn to socialize with different people, follow regulations and get to know people of authority such as teachers, principals and others. That's why your dream that you are at school, in the middle of the classroom and you can't answer your teacher has a negative indication. This is where the possibility comes in that in actual life you feel insecure.

The part of your dream where you are facing your teacher is an indication that someone in your life is becoming more dominant than others. In front of this person you are uncomfortable and if possible you want to get rid of any control he has in your life.

Your subconscious reminds you that you need to do something to get out of your current situation. If you compare it, if in class you only have one solution to avoid embarrassing situations—to study hard and listen while the teacher is teaching so you can answer when asked, in actual life, you can distance yourself from this person who makes you feel bad. If it's a job, you can consider moving. If in love life, it will be necessary to talk to your partner or you can get out of the relationship.

Your dream is also a wakeup call. It reminds you that you can dominate any situation in your life. There is a way to stay out of trouble. You just have to put in extra effort and talk to the right person to resolve any bad situation.
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