If you saw the ''CAT'' in your dream walking down the road

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What does it mean when I have a cat next to me or always see it in a dream? 
The cat in my dream is gentle as long as he is always next to me or at my feet. He looks happy too. I can't remember the color of the cat in my dream but it seems that the ones in my dream are different because they have different personalities, some are happy, some are grumpy, as long as they are really normal cats that we see. Does this make sense? Thank you. – Sakura 

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are said to be associated with sharp thinking, ability, and self-confidence. It is connected to your subconscious which connects your dream with what is happening in your life. Cats often represent nature and women – even if the dreamer is a man. 

If you saw the cat in your dream walking down the road, 


It is an indication that you need to look in different directions and try to understand all the people you meet on the way. And since the cat can also be considered one of the most cared for animals and a popular pet, it can be said that your dream is connected to the pleasure you are enjoying right now. 

In other interpretations, cats are also a sign of our expression of love to others regardless of what it means to us. That means we can be content when it comes to our relationship life. You only have to look at your own emotions to know what exactly it wants to mean to us. It can also be a sign that you have moved on, so you are stronger, confident and more sure of your steps now. 

In your dream, 
you said that your cat is gentle and gentle, but if you experience a cat in your dream that is quite aggressive, scratching or attacking you, it means that you are worried in real life. Your dream may also be saying that you will be more active and busy in the next few days.

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Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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