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 What does it mean to dream of walking naked on the street? I had this dream just a while ago, but in my dream I didn't know where I was walking because it was like a new place, I was aware that I wasn't wearing any clothes and I didn't seem to care if anyone was looking.
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Usually, the feeling is uncomfortable when we see someone naked in public, especially if we ourselves are naked and seen by others, but in a dream, it reflects how confident you are in the situation you are in now.

Depending on how comfortable or uncomfortable you are, this dream is an indication that you are searching for a deeper meaning in your life right now.

It also gives a warning that you need to focus on the problem or situation and task you are in now.
Perhaps, you also lack satisfaction, trust, and confidence in your own performance. You need to assess the different things you are doing now so you can see where you should improve.
The concept of not covering the body is also a call from your unconscious that you cannot control your feelings. It is a sign of lack of accountability in the actions you take and in standing up for the things you believe in.

The location where it happened also has meaning. 

If in a school, it says that you need to stop hiding the problem and find out the ways to solve it.

As for work, it means that you let other people control you or overlap you even though you are putting in the same effort. This makes it difficult for you to get promoted at work.

As for a grocery story, it has a connection to your insecurity when it comes to money. Maybe you know someone who is now earning more than you.

The lack of clothing symbolizes that you have a choice in what will happen in your life. It is also connected to guilt, shame, and rejection. So you must confront the things that weigh you down to move forward in life.

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