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I hope you can read it too. I just want to know what my dream means for you. At first, I entered the classroom without anyone as if there were no things inside, when I walked inside I didn't see anyone else then I went out, then I went to outer space, as if in pure I only saw stars. But I don't know if I'm floating or what. I just know that this is outer space. – Pink 

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Thanks to you too, now in your dream it can be said that it has a connection with the feeling that you want space, rest, or a moment of leaving the chaotic situation that you may be experiencing right now.

 Represents space—or absence, the availability of a place free of any stuff and barriers—in your collective unconscious. It is common to dream if you feel a lack of space, personal or physical space. This could mean that others have violated your privacy so you need space now. Or maybe you feel that you are getting away from other important things in your life because of your work or relationship, so you want space. 

If you consciously or intentionally recognize or understand the presence of space in your dream, this is an indication that you also have the ability to awaken your potential. 

Space also relates to you going beyond your own expectations and getting to know yourself more. If you feel scared or alone, it means that you are sad and have lost the strength to fight what you are facing now. 

The most important thing in your dream is the first thing you see and that is an empty room. This is an indication that you are about to find the freedom and independence that you want to experience.

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Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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