When you dream of catching a ''BUTTERFLY''

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Hello sir, I saw a butterfly and pigeon or dove, sometimes I dream again and again why is that? 

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The butterfly is related to creativity, romance, joy, and spirituality. It is possible that you will experience a transformation in the modern way of thinking. You too may be undergoing or will undergo the transitional phase. 

Also consider the term “social butterfly” which describes someone who is popular and outgoing. Is this your description? 

If not, your dream may indicate that you need to be outgoing. Alternatively, the butterfly is a symbol of longevity. Your sleep may also indicate the need for a break from the busyness and demandingness of your daily life. This may also express your need or search for peace and quiet in your life. You also need enough time to decompress and restore your faith.

When you dream of catching a butterfly, it indicates your superficiality. 

Alternatively, it may also speak of a possessive nature. 

When seeing a dead butterfly, it has to do with unfulfilled life goals. A dream about a dove symbolizes peace, tranquility, harmony, affection, and innocence. Specifically, when you see a white dove in your dream, it represents loyalty, love, simplicity, gentleness, and friendships. 

It can also be related to the message and blessing from the Holy Spirit. Probably caused by leaving your heart and mind regarding hate and revenge. If your dream shows mating doves and making a nest, this is a symbol of a joyous home life full of love, tranquility, pleasure, and security. 

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Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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