Meanings For Dream Symbols That Begin With ''B"


1) You need a new dream life. Because the new dream is symbolic of your young life from a dream. [...]
In analyzing the dream the dream is symbolized by the dreamer's himself. In this fact, your 2 months old BABY and you're just one...[...]


Mr. Jung had such an experience where he dreamed of the devil, had a horn and ate people and wanted him to eat too...[...]
Because the evil spirit you say in your dream that embraced you is a real person. He is a man who likes you, it's just that you don't know him ... [...]


dream of a "broken balcony" is a reflection  of your unconscious self on what will happen next, and as it has been said, what will happen next is ... [...]


For businessmen, bathing in clear water in a dream is a sign of great profit in any transaction to be entered into. For ordinary workers... [...]
if you dream of taking a bath and then the water is dirty and unclear, this is a sign of bad luck, sadness and illness... [....]
 Depending on the form of the water and how you dreamed "the water, are you swimming, or are you just a little wet or are you paddling with pleasure?" ... [...]
The "pool" is a picture of your "vast unconscious self" because "you are taking a bath or you and your husband are taking a bath" this is a sign of a major.... [....]


In your dream, someone "delivered a bed, which is a bit broken or incomplete or has a broken part", meaning it is you, you are the bed...[....]


The “bee that makes honey” means – blessings and happiness you will naturally receive.
What this means is that other people to be lucky, especially with.. [....]


"beef " in the old or traditional sense means "you will not run out of money but you will not be very rich." Apparently, [....]


If you are a young woman, "the singing bird on the branch" is a sign that you will get married and the person you marry will be rich and ... [....]


blood in your dream, someone bit your hand and you cried in great pain” it means “internal healing”, which, after you have had serious problems,... [...]


The "book" in the dream indicates "wisdom and understanding". But, since the book you dreamed of was not an ordinary book but the Bible... [...]
The book in the dream is related to "wisdom", the problem with your dream Shenna, the "book you are reading is a pocketbook" which...[...]


because the coin and bowl are now commonly seen at the beginning of the New Year, where, the "bowl filled with rice and coins" is displayed on the dining table, that symbolize luck and prosperity. [...]


in the Modern Interpretation,  it is said that because bread is an important ingredient of our food, or let's say bread is also a "staple food", so it is indicated by "physical and spiritual nourishment" [....]


in the modern interpretation, the brother is a sign that "that personality or aspect or main characteristic of your younger brother that you "want to incorporate into your own" is why you have conquered him."... [...]


  Dreaming the Bubble Gum  is believed to discover new and unique formulas for how life can be more advanced or better... [...]


dream of two calves that are fat? That means two years of abundant life to be with you— this is what your fate says will happen in your life in the near future. [....]



 because the butterfly "goes through the caterpillar or pupa first before becoming a full butterfly" your dream means, "a big transformation or...[....]

Love is more than love, the meaning of the red butterfly  inside the bathroom.

They say, love and pleasure are different... [...]


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