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Where, the fire is like the lit two white candles in your dream if you ask the psychologist Sigmund Freud it is considered "sexual energy" (burning desire) and the candle is a phallic symbol..[...]


The meaning of "a car in a dream with you and your boyfriend" is a picture of your current relationship, where..[...]
You are in a “car” and this car is running, that is, you will experience fast-paced events in your life “especially in the emotional aspect” ... [...]


In  traditional ,because in the old days the carpet was only seen in luxurious houses, palaces and kingdoms, it is said that the meaning of "carpet in a dream indicates approaching wealth."[....]


Castle-like home" which indicates a rich and very happy family that is destined to happen and is sure to happen in the near future.” [...]


The cat in the dream describes the character of a person who is boisterous, very tender but moody. Because of this, it will now find what you need,[...]


"snake and caterpillar are related or related in meaning." More precisely, there is almost only one interpretation....[...]


Then, we will ask him, “Dr. Freud, why do you say that the cell phone is a phallic symbol, when it is not pointed or oblong.. [...]


  That's why, Not Intentionally that the symbol of triads or syndicates is usually a picture of The Dragon. The other is The Scorpion. And the other is The Spider and the other is The Centipede. .. [...]


When the dream is "chasing you" and the place where "the chase" takes place is always "behind your house in the wide yard where you used to play when you were little". This type of dream is...[...]
"someone is chasing you" is a sign that you are unconsciously running away from a "mistake"..[...]
 When we dream that someone is chasing us, it is "time" or moment in our lives that we should practice deep meditation or inner reflection where, for a moment we ask ourselves like this:..[...]

As long as you don’t act for your ambition the dreams will remain with someone chasing you. [...]


That is, because you doubt your partner's loyalty and love for you, you keep dreaming about negative things...[....]


 in the modern interpretation of the chess says that if you are not a chess player, your unconscious self reminds you, that "whatever problem or situation you will face today, don't make a decision impulsively, but you should think carefully.[...]

the child in the dream depends on how many years or what is the age of said child, but usually, when you dream of a child with you, it indicates.. [...]
Even Lord Jesus, too, values children, he said with an emphasis, "Be like unto the children and enter the door of the kingdom of heaven." This is because the child... [...]


You are climbing a mountain with your girlfriend, which means “you will not achieve your goal if you do not consider or value other people.” That means, [...]


 in the modern interpretationor in the psychological sense, the clock especially if it is round in shape also represents yourself, specifically your inner self. [...]


 This is the situation where you "step over the fence  to get the coins" in your dream. This means...[...]

It is also believed that the coin used in the "crisp rice bowl" as well as the "coin placed in the pocket" at the end of the year and to welcome the coming year.. [...]
However, what may be missing is the meaning of "coins" - it is possible that you have lost the "financial stability" ... [...]
Meanwhile, the coin is a picture of good luck and good fortune that will come into your life in the near future [...]
When dreaming of coins, the dreamer underestimates himself. [...]
The money are “coins” where, the shape of the “coin” is “circle”, and in interpreting the shapes.. [...]
When dreaming of money, the basic rule, which must be remembered is more fortunate to dream is money coins, than paper money... [...]
You underestimate yourself, so you must understand that the instruction of your dream is not to underestimate yourself so that you move forward. [...]


 Because you "cook" it means that you have all the freedom and right to "buy whatever you want to eat deliciously", [....]
In your dream, you might say that "Mother knows best," Sometimes, the Mother is also called ESP or extra sensory perception.. [....]


"Sometimes there are dreams that must be made in your real life, to ease your feelings [....]
Perhaps your "childhood sweetheart or childhood playmate" has a problem at the moment, which is why he shows up in your dreams one after another.[...]
According to your dream, your crush can be the one you can marry. Because the surname you use is his surname. [....]
According to your Dream, your crush is not just your crush, he is probably the love of your life [....]


when she dreams of crying, in real life she really has to cry because she's so brave, but she knows she's weak too.
"Crying" in a dream indicates things that you cannot express when you are awake such as sadness,


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