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  • If you are dancing, like dreamed of playing a violin, this indicates "prosperity" or abundance of life in the near future ...[...]
The Modern and Traditional meaning of DANCING in DREAM
  • dancing in dream is "celebration". It means that your unconscious self is showing you what will happen next, where there will be a big celebration. [...]



  • you are digging for jewelry and your hand is dirty because of the mud earth", this indicates that "you will be very rich....[...]
In My Dream I was digging Coin and Jewel on the beach
  • Those who are "digging" mean that you are deeply searching for something in your life...[...]
Let's reflect the DREAM ( reflection of life ) about Digging in the House
  • Your dream says that whatever is deep in you is that you will dig and discover treasure in your life... [....]
Dream About digging the ground next to our house and it's so deep
  •   It's a look life, there's a "Treasure" buried on the ground next to your house...[...]


  • The dog represents your friends, in particular your best friends. And because in a dream the dog gives birth to beautiful puppies [...]
 The baby, the dog and the dreamer  himself."
  • The dog smelled strong. So it can be said that these days, your smell is like a powerful force that has caused your friend's appetite to increase... [...]


  • If you are a businessman or trader, pigeons flying in a dream is a sign of abundant income and big profit in the next transaction... [...]


  • the "dragon" in the dream indicates "a strange animal creature" that appears in our dreams because something important is being guarded. [...]


  • The one wearing a white dress is a picture of a woman who hopes that in the coming days,[...]
Dreaming About  wearing a Red dress with Pearl 
  • When you dream that you are wearing a red dress, it foretells a very good fortune is destined to come to you in the next few days.[...]


  • "You are riding in a car with your friends" in the dream indicates, this is "the current situation of your life or your experience."...[...]
My dream is like a movie, End of the world theme
  • First, “you are driving on the boulevard” means your life is happy, you are just relaxed and cool or your life is just comfortable at the moment. Without hesitation, [...]
Driving in dream, related to sexual drive
  • The rider in the car is a dream with a hidden meaning. It's hidden because it's not for everyone, especially for young people and quite sensitive...[...]


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