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Earth Quake

  • One of the most negative dreams is about an earthquake, where, in the Traditional Meaning, warns of big and many problems for anyone who dreams of an earthquake..[...]


  • Usually the dream of "eating, whether it's a picnic", or "eating at a feast or you are eating at your table" is related to "wish fulfillment". [...]


  •  your dream announces that you are one of the grains that other people have worked so hard to make rice.. [...]


  • The elephant in the dream symbolizes "power, strength, faithfulness and intellect." That means, any time from now, ... [...]


  • Meanwhile, "laughing in a dream" means "right now you are not serious about your life", but if you start to get serious, in your career or whatever your dream is,[...]


  • when you dream that you are walking in the park and you are with someone, this person of yours is definitely will be loyal and loving to you.”[...]
  • dream that "your ex-boyfriend always enters your dreams" only proves that you still love your ex-boyfriend so he enters the scenes of your dreams [...]
  •  "a car in a dream with you and your boyfriend" is a picture of your current relationship, where, "you still have a long way to go or your company is still going to advance [...]
  • That is, although in reality “yesterday is dead, your previous relationship with your boyfriend is over” in the world of the “unconscious self” that they really have a world of their own..[...]
  • Sometimes it is inevitable that we dream for an "obvious reason". or screaming truth, which, when we have a serious problem,.[...]
  • You are currently dreaming of your ex-boyfriend, because the memory of your past relationships is "whole and still alive"...[...]


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