Search your Dream that start in Letter ''F"


  • Your dream, seems like an event in a fairy tale story where it turns out that you are the "hero" because you killed the "big dragon."[...]


  • When you dream of a farm, it has a positive meaning, especially if the color of the rice planted in the field is green..[...]
  • The farm, especially during the summer and harvest of rice, indicates abundance...[...]
  • When you dream of a farm with your friends and cousins, it indicates that you are currently having a happy experience, where, ..[...]
  • if you like to bet on the lottery, the farm has corresponding numbers corresponding to the numbers 5, 23, 28, 34 and 45. And to ensure a big hit...[...]


  • if you are lying on your feet, it can be said that "there is an aspect of your life that you are missing.. [...]


  • You are lacking, in acting for your ambition [...]


  •  For the psychologist Sigmund Freud as according to his book The Interpretation of Dreams, fire is a "phallic symbol", meaning it is related to sex and lust.[..]
  • "fire in your dream" as stated above, "there is a strong libido or sexual drive within your personality that is disappearing"... [...]
  • "The sea is on fire" also means "any moment from now" after you dream of it, "your ego, your self, or your temporal self will truly melt away" [...]
  • "fireball" that became Mama Mary, St. Joseph and Jesus, this dream certainly means or relates to the spiritual aspect of your child’s life.. [...]


  • "catching fish in a dream especially when you catch a lot is also a sign of abundance...[...]
  • In the Modern Interpretation, the meaning of "fish" is quite deep especially if you ask the psychologist Carl Jung.. [...]


  • For businessmen, dreaming of lilies means that a very simple and quick transaction will make a large amount of money...[...]
  • According to psychologist Carl Jung, "Flower symbolizes the woman herself..[...]
  •  "you're picking flowers" what you fear and escape from the past traumatic experience is "related to love, sex or the feelings represented...[...]
  • In your dream of "three red roses", which means "three months from now", where, your regret will disappear, you will never be alone,[...]
  • According to Sigmund Freud the flower is "yoni symbol", that is, it is the  breast of a woman and vagina of a woman. [...]



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