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The Secret Meaning of your DREAM About demon and hell

HINT:  So according to your dream, it looks like you're losing confidence in yourself, as in, you're going through the challenges of your fate. CASE STUDY : Let's reflect the  dream about Demons and hell Dear Yod H V H , I dreamed of a mountain and a volcano. On the volcano, it's like hell with fire and lava boiling. I saw a creature and I think he was a demon because he had a horn and dark red, then he ate the human heart and liver and he gave me what he ate. I was so scared, then I prayed and an angel came out, then I was taken and taken to a mountain where I felt heaven and the angel said to me, "Here, that devil won't get you because you can't get into it!" I turned to the hell I came from and saw that it became a volcano that was bursting with lava and fire, then suddenly I woke up. I hope you can explain what my dream means. Thank you! Waiting, Jamil To you, Jamil,

The Symbolic Meaning of BAD SPIRIT in Dream interpretation

 Let's reflect the Dream (Reflection of life ) about Bad Spirit, Guava, phallic symbol Dear Yod HVH,          I just ask the meaning of my dream last night,         1. He said that I had a bad spirit that tried to stop me and he suddenly hugged me so I could not move, but I tried to struggle and my prayers of the Believer were pure.         2. I passed by someone full of guava while walking and I picked up three pieces and I gave one to our male neighbor, I also passed by big houses and their yards were spacious.        3. He said I met my grandmother (she has been dead for a long time) and she said there was a boss who wanted to hire me because they said they would ask me to do something and they would give me 1,500 so I was happy.          I look forward to your answer ..                                Mabel. To you Mabel,          1. That's right, mabel, the Believer's prayer is the prayer that a person should use when there is an evil spirit that he wants to join or enc