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Dream about: I was in the ''FOREST'' and enter in Dilapidated ''HOUSE''

A to Z of Dream CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Hazel's dream of a dilapidated house, an old man and a big bird. Dear Yod HVH, My dream was that I was in the jungle. It was a bit dark because the trees were scary tall. Suddenly it rained and it was windy. He said I saw a house, a house with a dilapidated roof and walls and I entered it. An old man suddenly came out and said to me "Don't go in there, get out of there!" I don't know how I'm going to leave and where I'm going, the rain is getting stronger outside.  After a while, a bird suddenly came, the big bird, came down in front of me and the old man spoke again, "Ride quickly!" I hesitated to get on, but the old man took me on. The bird flew me and while we were high in the sky I could clearly see that the house was crushed and destroyed by the force of the wind. Then the bird took me to a place where there was a very beautiful rich house like a palace. Then I woke up. What does this dream

Dream About the old man throwing stones at her

A to Z of Dream meaning CASE STUDY: Today's Dream Interpretation was sent by Janice about the old man throwing stones at her and about the word "obligation". Dear Yod HVH, What does it mean when I dreamed that "an old man threw a stone at me because he thought I was the one who scattered the mango leaves?" Because he had just finished sweeping, he got angry when he saw a mango leaf. So he threw stones at me twice. I told him, that it was not me who scattered but also an old man."

I had a DREAM that an OLD MAN came up to me, he had a long beard

A to Z of your Dream interpretation HINT:  In the dream, most of the time, the old man is symbolized by Father God. He is the Father spoken of as Jesus occasionally teaches us "Our Father."  CASE STUDY:   Let's reflect The dream about Old man with long beard and long clothing Dear Yod HVH, I had a dream that an old man came up to me, he had a long beard and he was wearing a long dress that was on the ground. He said as I walked, "This is the key door, accept it, long," but I didn't have a door to open at the mall because I was going to buy new rubber shoes that I would use for outing friends. Then a little later, the old man disappeared as I wondered where 'the door he was talking about?  All I remember was that he said and another one he held a little white cloth and I also remember him reaching out to me. I have woken up and now, a few days ago, I still dream of this dream. What does this mean? Waiting, Trixy  - Subscribe to RSS headline updates from:

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