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''ROOM'' that very Dark in Dream interpretation

A to Z of Dream meaning CASE STUDY Good day, I just want to know the meaning of my dream. It's not always but there have been a few times that I dreamed that my room was very dark, I was lying there and then my dream changed to me walking down a corridor and then entering a secret way, after that I saw something like a secret room . I'm not sure if it's still in our house but in real life we ​​don't really have a room like that. What does it want to tell me? Thank you. – Baby

The Modern interpretation of ''ROOM'' in the House

A to Z of Dream With Case Study: Let's look at the dream of Althea about  "I entered a brand new house. And I passed the living room, instead, I went straight into the room Dear Yod HVH , I dreamed of a house. He said I entered a brand new house. And I passed the living room, instead, I went straight into the room and sat on the bed, then I rested and it was like I was waiting for someone in the house that I didn't know whose house it was. All I know in my dream is that I'm waiting for someone but I don't know who. What does this dream of mine mean? I'm 34 years old now, a girl and I don't have a boyfriend. When will I get a boyfriend and get married? ANSWER: In the old or traditional sense the house in the dream indicates tranquility, peace of mind and harmony. Because the house is the residence of the family and resting place of the family, the moment this is dreamed it also indicates love for blood or you are very concerned about your family or each mem

The Secret of your DREAM about being NAKED in Comfort Room

HINT: you want to have freedom and you can only achieve that "freedom" through "change." CASE STUDY:   Now let's look at Lourdeliza's dream about defecating in CR, a man is naked and a woman suddenly opens the door of CR. Dear Yod HVH, Just call me Lourdeliza, I had a dream this morning. This is my dream. I allegedly defecated inside the CR and suddenly I saw a man inside who was naked. I shouted for him to come out, but he didn't want to. And then someone opened the door of the CR woman. What does this dream mean? ANSWER: When we dream of a naked or naked creature, and let's just say that there is no covering in the body, whether it is the dreamer himself or another person we see naked or naked in our dream it reveals that at present “the conscious and unconscious self want let's be free. ” To those who want to interpret a dream or to define your dream. you can chat me.