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Dream about the DOG biting her ass

A To Z of Dream meaning HINT: if " the dog bite you on the ass", where, we know that a woman's ass is also a symbol of sexiness, your unconscious self may be reminding you that through your dream you are being pampered, so you should make yourself sexy again or improve your curvy body or use your sexiness. CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Joyce's dream about the dog biting her ass.   Dear Yod HVH , Good day. I hope you can help me interpret my dream. To be honest, I have read many interpretations of the dog dream, but this dream I always have and I don't think it is usual or unusual because in my dream I am always bitten by a dog.  And my dream, which is just weird, is always a dog biting me on my butt. Is there an interpretation for this and why do I always get bitten on the butt in my dreams? I'm a woman, a girl, and I don't like dogs. So it really makes me think because I never think about the dog in one day so that I can dream about it. ANSWER:

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