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The ANIMUS and ANIMAS in the Dream Interpretation

A to Z of Dream With CASE STUDY: Let’s Reflect the Dream (reflection of life) about  CAT Dear Yod HVH ,          I'm just asking what is the meaning of the dream about a cat with yellow and white colors. He's not a big cat and he's still a bit of a kitten. In my dream, a man would pay, he said, just a cat to pay?                                   She. To You She,        In women's dreams, often the "man" is his "animus." The animus is the part of the woman whose character is a man.  Search the Meaning of Your Dream By Tag from A to Z with Sample Case Study.  HOME  -  A  -  B  -  C  -  D  -  E  -  F  -  G  -  H  -  I  -  J  -  K  -  L  -  M  -  N  -  O  -  P  -  R  -  S  -  T  -  W    For men, the woman in their dream is often described as their "anima." Suppose, there are always two single people. This fact is very much in the field of psychology.

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