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Dreams about cheating and Recieving Gift

A to Z of Dream CASE STUDY  What is the meaning of my dream? How many times have I dreamed that I had another boyfriend that I was hiding from my real boyfriend.   In my dream, I know what I'm doing is wrong but I seem happy when I'm with my partner in the dream, even though when I wake up I can't remember what he looks like. In real life, before I dreamed this, it never occurred to me to have another relationship. My real boyfriend is also very sweet and kind, even though we have some disagreements, the breakup is not discussed. My boyfriend in the dream is also sweet and always gives me gifts, but I can't feel that I love him. Should I be worried because of my dream? – Jo     Sometimes our dreams accurately describe "a story or event that happened, is currently happening or will happen..  Search the Meaning of Your Dream By Tag from A to Z with Sample Case Study.  HOME  -  A  -  B  -  C  -  D  -  E  -  F  -  G  -  H  -  I  -  J  -  K  -  L  -  M  -  N  -  O  -  P

In my DREAM, My partner has another boyfriend

CASE STUDY:   Now let's look at Jhanna's dream, about that she has a partner, but she managed to save that apart from her, this partner of hers has another boyfriend. Dear Yod HVH, What does my dream mean that my partner has another boyfriend? I am a lesbian. I cried when I found out that my partner had another boyfriend. What does this dream mean?

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