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Dream about, Just watching the clock ticking on the wall

A to Z of Dream   HINT : If you are counting the time on the clock  in the morning, this is news or a sign of your destiny that you will have a prosperous and happy experience. But if you are counting the time on the clock, later in the afternoon, this warns that "be careful.. See full... CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Tetchie's dream about the clock. Dear Yod HVH, I dreamed that the clock on the wall was ticking, so I looked at it. The clock was in the living room of our house, then I watched it work. Then I woke up, what does this mean?   ANSWER: The clock is a measure of time and it is also a representation of the progress or running of each day in our lives. The clock or time is also based on what we do or are busy in life. It is said, "for those who do nothing, time is slow. For those who are "busy" or very busy with work, time flies. But to those who love, time seems eternal.”

Symbolic meaning of Crying and Always running in dream interpretation

Let's reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about Always Running and crying and the Clock Dear Professor       I just ask, what's the end of crying in the dream? And I always running? And the clock, thank you.            Erivar. To you  Ervar,         The meaning of crying in the dream doesn't want to cry in what really happens in reality.         Because you have to cry and you don't want to cry in a dream you are crying. Why? Because when it really needs to cry in a crying.  What was certain would happen was that those who did not cry in real life would be sick and did not even cry in her dream.