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I wrote the last name of my crush in my DREAM

Let's Reflect the Dream (reflection of life) about Crush and accidentally Wrote his last name HINT:  your crush can be the one you can marry CASE STUDY: Dear Yod HVH ,            Hi ! I hope you can explain my dreams. We wrote my sister's name in my dream, then, that's my name, I wrote the last name of my crush. In my sister, ‘that’s just her name really. Then suddenly came my crush while we were writing the name. He grabbed my waist, then, he hugged me, I was a bit taken aback so I left. Then I woke up! What does that mean? Thank you!                   Airen. To you Airen,            Before lovers ’relationships begin, there are crushes that mediate. Sometimes the boy has a crush on the girl and sometimes there is also a chance that the girl has a crush on the boy. But you know, there are also relationships where there is no crush in between, because the girl and boy suddenly had a relationship so they also suddenly had a relationship.

What it mean, I always DREAM of my crush

Let's reflect the Dream, (reflection of life) about Always dreaming the Crush Dear Yod HVH,         Good Morning! I just ask the meaning of my dream.         I always dream of my crush. And for a long time, we have been talking even though we are not close in real life. Now, I'm bored that I'm tearing a page of my notebook. And because I'm tearing a lot, I'm biting the others. I'm with my friend and we're at school (I'm a graduate) and I'm the only one please write in the notebook. Then, soon after he came over and smiled, he stood beside me and said that I was doing a lot. I gave him my bite, I asked if he could handle it. He took the papers with a smile. Then we talked. I laughed because he was teasing my friend. I was surprised because I was a graduate but we had to go to school at the same time. I think it's a bad trip because Math is our subject. Thank you and Godbless!                            Dianne. To you Dianne,            Why so, alm