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White wedding dress in Dream interpretation

A to Z of Dream Meaning CASE STUDY:  What does it mean to see yourself wearing a white wedding dress? I'm not sure because I feel like it's not a wedding but because it doesn't look like a traditional wedding dress. Maybe that dress is more like a garden dress. I just thought it was a wedding because there was something like a party and people happened to be talking. Thanks for interpreting. – Lyn   Sometimes our dreams accurately describe "a story or event that happened, is currently happening or will happen..  Search the Meaning of Your Dream By Tag from A to Z with Sample Case Study.  HOME  -  A  -  B  -  C  -  D  -  E  -  F  -  G  -  H  -  I  -  J  -  K  -  L  -  M  -  N  -  O  -  P  -  R  -  S  -  T  -  W   ANSWER: One of the popular dreams is the white dress , 

Dream About Dating, Candle, underneath in the same scene

A to Z of Dream WITH CASE STUDY:   See Kyra's dream ,Don't like the date in the dream   Dear Yod HVH, It's good. I would have asked what the meaning of my dream was. He said I came from under the table or I think it was under somewhere. I don't know what it's called there, just that I came from the bottom. They said I had some food with me that was stuffed with me. When I left, I was wearing a white dress. My long hair is up. I'm fine. It was like a date I didn't want. I'm wondering because the white dress I'm wearing that's fitted up to my knees is still white and there's no dirt even though I'm from underneath and there's still food that's green in color. Something was served on the table.  The food on the plate is also green. There is a candle and there is a man with me. He said I was very scared. But when the candle was lit, my fear was somewhat reduced. We each have a candle. The candle is white. The candle was also lit in fr

Dreaming About wearing a Red dress ''RED DRESS' 'with PEARL

A to Z of dream Meaning HINT:   it foretells a very good fortune is destined to come to you in the next few days. The only problem a " pearl decoratio n" where, in the Traditional meaning, the pearl in the dream foreshadows tears and sadness. CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at  Janice's dream about "a red dress, blouse and shorts, a broken cell phone so her boss replaced it".   Dear Yod HVH,   I had a dream, Maestro, that I was getting dressed because I was going to go to school. Then I was in front of a large mirror and I thought that what I was going to wear was my red with pearl decoration. So, that's what I wore. I saw in the mirror that I was very beautiful, nothing was as beautiful, because of the dress I was wearing. But I suddenly thought of just taking it off and changing into a blouse and short jeans because it’s Friday.  So it seems like a pity if I still wear nice clothes. Then I looked at my watch and it was about eight o'clock and I was la

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