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I found out that I have not wearing ''SHOES''

A to Z of Dream CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Angel's dream about riding a bus, barefoot and her boyfriend gave her slippers.   Dear Yod HVH Good day. I want to know the meaning of my dream. I left the house, got on the bus with my boyfriend but when I got off he was waiting and I found out that I had nothing on my feet and he handed me a pair of slippers? What does this mean? At first, I always dreamed that "I was running and when I stopped I had nothing on my feet." ANSWER: In today's time and even in the time when shoes were not invented,  " footwear" is very important, which we now call "sandals, slippers or shoes."

The Symbolic meaning of Dirty feet and market in DREAM interpretation

Let's reflect the dream (reflection of life) about Dirty Feet and the Market Dear Yod HVH,      What does it mean to have my feet dirty so I washed it, I'm going to go into the house from the market.                       Joseph. To you Joseph,        The house should always be clean. The man's body is his home. Because of the body the soul is living.  In addition to the fact that the body was lord's temple.  So the body should always be clean.

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