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3 FIREBALLS that became Saint and JesusChrist in Dream Interpretation

A to Z of Dream meaning HINT: T he 3 fireballs in your child's dream that say, 3 years from now, you will continue to prosper and be guided by the luck and good fortune of heaven, as long as you are pious and as long as you stay. your family works together, respects and loves. CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Hazelyuna's son's dream about three fireballs that became Mama Mary, St. Joseph and Jesus.   Dear  Yod HVH,   Good morning! I would like to ask for an explanation about my 7 -year -old daughter's dream. They were playing with his friends, they were three friends. And while they were playing they saw 3 fireballs coming down from the sky. Then they became the face of Mama Mary, St. Joseph and Jesus the 3 fireballs. Then they seemed to bow. Then since my son was saved, he has not been able to move on and the story is clear to all his friends and to us because his dream seems to be very real. Thank you and I hope you can give meaning to this dream of my son.  Sometim

Naked bathing in the sea of fire in Dream

A to Z of Dream Meaning CASE STUDY: let's look at Cynthia's dream about the person bathing in the sea that turned into fire, two days in the sky, an old man who helped her and a mountain.   Dear Yod HVH, This is my dream.  I was bathing in the sea, I was quite far from the shore and I was alone. It was sunny that afternoon, but what I wondered about was why there were two suns in the sky. Then suddenly the wave got stronger, so I got scared.

Your father burned the Pocket book you were reading in Dream

A to Z of Dream Meaning WITH CASE STUDY:   The Dream Interpretation sent today by Shenna is about the pocketbook that her father burned. Dear Yod HVH, I dreamed of a book. He said I was reading a book, I think I was reading a pocketbook. My father suddenly arrives who has been dead for a long time. He got angry when he saw that I was reading pocket books instead of school books. 

''FIRE'' in Dream is also a Phallic Symbol

A to Z of Dream meaning with.. CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Jeany's dream about the big fire. Dear Yod HVH, Good morning. First time I dreamed of fire. My dream was that there was a big fire that I was trying to put out. I was very scared and suddenly I woke up. ANSWER: We use fire to cook and it helps to make our food taste good and kill the germs in what we eat. That is, at a glance the meaning of fire is good and beautiful.

Let's Reflect the DREAM (reflection of life ) about FIRE

HINT: The best thing you can do right now is to remove the fear and doubt from your heart and emotions. If you love and love give everything yourself 100% CASE STUDY:   Now let's look at Iris' dream about her friend's building or house that was on fire and while it was burning she was inside that building or house but she was not hurt.   Dear Yod HVH, What is the meaning of the dream that your friend's house is on fire and then eventually the fire also dies. To make matters worse, I was there but I wasn't hurt while following, then I stepped on those cracks and then I was nervous that the walls I was passing might fall. So I went down and came out. But I also noticed that the building of my friend's house was only damaged inside, but when you look outside their house, it is still intact. I hope you can interpret this dream of mine  To you Iris': The “fire” in the dream signifies energy, enthusiasm, and vitality and can also be a force or impulse related to

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